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And his last scene wearing the sea eagle jersey is to do an indecent gesture to the Haiying Bench when he is sent to the next. March this year, Thomas joined the crow. Crow coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) said he would not communicate with Thomas to ensure that he would not be affected in this game.

Saint-Wire Guard: The clothes of the dressing room

Before this week’s national Wannan District, the New Orleans Saints said a “funeral” to Atlantan Femplay. But in the end, the Falcon defeated the opponent, and the Saint is blocked outside the playoffs. After the winning, the Falcon will fight with Carolina Black Leopard, and the winner will become the champion of the National Lanen District and rank among the playoffs.

Jay – Carter is not 100% to determine retirement

At this time, Jay Cutler announced its retirement and accepted the work of the Fox TV. But soon he signed a year with the dolphins to help the team get out of the dilemma of Ryan Tannehill unexpected reimbursement.

Thomas’s first round of the 2010 election was selected by the Hawks, but he was deadlocked last season, because the Hawks did not want to renew with him, and he did not want to trade him to other teams. Thomas once chooses to dismiss, but reported to the team forward before the season. His season was ended in advance due to the leg fracture in the fourth week.

13. San Francisco 49 Corner Kris Culliver injured in the head of the game against Dallas denim. The team confirmed that he was shocking. In addition, in the second line of defensive in 49, Tramam Broch is hurt in the first half. He returned in the fourth quarter, and Jimmie Ward was off-site before he returned to the Jimmie Ward because it might be a brain shock.

Crow coach: I believe that security Jamas does not affected by emotion

Baltimore Crow will challenge Seattle Hawks in the next game. A large point in this game is the venue of the crow safety Ehr-Thomas (Earl Thomas) returned to the venue for many years.

Titan announced on Thursday to sign a contract with Stephen Gostkowski, STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI. Subsequently, Titan gave up playing the game of Greg Joseph. Currently there are an array of kickers & mdash; & mdash; voted rookie Tucker – McCain (Tucker McCann).

1 year contract means that Lynch needs to prove himself in the new season, which depends on his physical condition and health, after he encountered difficulties in these two areas. After his rookie season, 1178 yards rushing made 11 touchdowns, his number and the number of red balls for several front yards rushing reducing year by year. Lacey last season, played only five games and was placed on the injured reserve list in October.

Among the real people who participated in the wife of Katler, the two discussed the future scenes broadcast. Katler said herself “unable to determine” left the football field, and to wait until September to determine if it is retired.

10. Jordan Reed (Leg Head) and Defensive Dragonfly Palace Cofield (ankle) leaving the game in the Temple of Houston, there is no return. According to Washington Post, Kofield then wears the airbag protective gear in the right foot. Jay Gruden Jay Gruden said that this injury is worth worrying. Reed will receive a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging check at Monday.

The 36-year-old Gustosski was previously effective for the new England patriot. He was a teammate in the first 3 years and Frebel of the Patriot. In the patriot player career, he won 3 times a super bowl of championship, 4 times selected professional bowl, 2 times, selected a big lineup.

The first week of the Sunday competition injury inventory

1. The breakthrough season of Cincinnati Matiga Near Thaler-Afurt (Tyler Eifert) is coming. He was forced to leave in the first battle of the team 23-16 to win Baltimo Crow, at the time, he landed in the first quarter. He was quickly sent to the locker room and did not come back. Before the injury, Afd was engaged in a leader in the Tiger passed in the 12-minute data on the 12 minutes. Cheap Nfl Jerseys official website reporter Albert Breer According to the team news, the tiger believes that the ball is close to the crowd, which may be lack for a long time.

9. The St. Louis Ram announced a four-point guards of Shaun Hill. He did not return to the game at 6-34 lost in the game of Minnesota, and replaced him on the Austin Davis cheap nfl jerseys from china career for the first time. Jeff Fisher later said Hill was injured in the end of the last half. He said Hill will receive further inspections on Monday.

Falcon, Roddy White, said: “This season, we have always express as a team. We have a very good four-point guard, every teammate is very good. Everyone has a job, contributes as much power in their position. Only every position is successful, the team can succeed. Now I feel very good, we look forward to the next victory. “

6. Derrick Johnson is injured in the end of the game in the end of the competition of Tennesi, and has to be lifted by the battery car. He did not return to the emirate 10-26 losing game. Andy Reid later said that Johnson broke the club and reimbursed season. Also suffered from this bad luck, the first defensive end Mike Dervito. For the chief, this is a cruel day.

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