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The scroll coach said that there is no serious injury in the handful of Hopkins legs.
Deandre Hopkins is absent from the legs of legs, but the red tick is not worried about developing into big problems.

As an external connection with the highest in this selection, Watekins’ talented talent has repeatedly described, as a single-reliable pick-up hand, the coach arranged enough offense around him, but the problem is coming: the second week It can take 8 times and 117 yards. The third week immediately became 19 yards. The seventh week was 120 yards for two consecutive weeks, and then the next four weeks were more than 40 yards, his performance almost every Weekly is sitting in the mountain trolley, why? Bill put Watkins as a hand, but the use of him is too single, just just put him on the outside with the other party’s number one corner, so once Watkins encountered a role It is easy to eat, in addition to this, the problem that the ball is off-hand is too serious. So I personally think that Watekins is the horses, but Doug – Mulong does not seem to be Bole.
This season performance: ★★★
Potential Index: ★★★★★

Hopkins brought the goal of the patron, which will provide a key help for the four-dimensional Murray, especially in the three gears. Hopkins, Larry Fitzgelad (Christian Kirk) is now three of the flush offensive groups.

US time on Wednesday, according to cheap Nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters reported that according to the latest NFL-player works, the Lara team and mascot will be prohibited from entering the stadium in the game. In addition, the reporter reporters before the TV station, and the side reporter will not be allowed to enter the court. This move is to prevent new crown viruses from spreading to players as much as possible.

Wild horses take over the Men Newuel Sanders expect to return this week
BROCK OSWEILER This week, he will represent the top of the wild horse. His external army may also be a strong bit of Trevor Siemian.

US time on Thursday, “Freedom Football League” was born. The alliance is founded by 50 former professional players, including Rich-Williams (Ricky Williams), Terrell Owens, Jeff Garcia and Simin-Les SIMEON RICE.

In the next 18 years, I can’t find the height of the 96 gold generation. I have been selected by this year’s golden conference, Watekins, Evans and others have been selected, the media said: This will be new Golden generation. In the season, people were surprised to find that this is not only a gold generation, more like a super white gold. Next, let’s browse the style of these new show:

One of the founders said: “The Free Rugby Alliance has gathered my support for social justice, economic equality, healthy living. Of course, I also contain my love for professional rugby. Although I really want to wear equipment to play playing However, this alliance is to dedicate the competitive football to most people, providing players and fans to the opportunities of the team shareholders, providing the players to improve the public platform of society. ”

The competition will be held in spring and summer, and FFL will “obtain the required funds through private funds and public offerings in 2019. The Alliance also announced four “philosophical and operational cores”. The full-time health support under the field, expands the impact of players to solve social problems, allowing the price of the prices to control in the range of fans, “reducing commercial exploitation, no longer squeezing most of the interests of a few people.”

The outside world often takes this Jiemin and “Wei Zhentian” Johnson to make comparisons, because at least from the figure, it is still very close. Ben Jie has a huge figure than Mike Evans, the big palm of the common people can complete a lot of exciting balls, good physical control skills are stronger than people’s imagination, coupled with the support of the panther attack, Benjamin It is also a powerful compete for the best offense. It is worth paying attention to this season, Benjamin has already emerged for 8 battles. It can complete high difficulties but avoid low-level mistakes. If you want to be a mature cheap nfl jerseys, you can also be fashionable.
This season performance: ★★★★
Potential Index: ★★★★★

The giant god level is tall, and each game can solve a lot of small corners like the machine warrior, and each contribution is also quite stable. In addition, his strength can help him in the Red District. Complete a lot of one-on-one-one pickup, but also able to complete the opponent to complete countless times, and his 8th ball reached 6 times from the long pass, this is his best engage in the best attack in this season. The most important weight. But his shortcomings are that he is only able to complete a single-handed, almost not open the opponent, and the slot is not enough, and there is a bit of the ball, if his future development goals are positioned into Vincent – Jackson and Brandon – Marshall, then Evans must learn something.
This season performance: ★★★★★
Potential Index: ★★★★

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