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Pirate plan renew or trade quartz gaunt

Tampa Bay Pirates have an open attitude towards Mike Glennon, and Jason Lich, Jason Lich, is hoped to decide his future as soon as possible. According to reports, in order to avoid Grannan to leave the team with a free player after ending the rookie, the pirate hopes to renew him, or transaction him to the team.

Coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) said: “We’re only wait patiently, and then look at the case of two men Britt’s knee injury, Mark Daniel’s shoulder has not fully recovered. there is no determine whether they can be restored to the level of the game. “

The joining of Tyrod Taylor is undoubtedly one of the optimistic performances. He has just helped Bill end 17 years without the history of the playoffs. With a champion, Baker Mayfield, the team can also see light in the future. 4 signed Navan Denzel Ward also reinjected the second-line defensive reinforcing vitality, Koki is like love this.

After he returned, Gordon looked far from the player who was the most popular in the 2013 season. The criticized figure and the lack of tacit understanding with the quadrants only won only 24 games 303 yards in the 5 games returned this season. In the case of the new show, the first end of the battle, Brown will be lacking Gordon as the influence of Gordon as the young quartz, a stable ball point. Brown Trying to complete the season since 2007, the first time, the first time, no more than the victory.

Although Falls is still full of confidence, the main coach Kelly does know that he will re-evaluate the starting position in the offset period, so who will become the first quarter of the next season, you need to take a step. step.

“The transaction will always have, and once there must be a hot topic, this is a thing you have to smile, I will not care about any rumors, I will only care about the coach Jeep – Kelly (Chip Kelly Arrangement. My teammates trust me very much. I believe that I am the person who leads you a victory, this is the reason I like to play in Philadelphia, we are a great mutual trust team. “

Falls: My positioning is still the first quarter

Since the entry of the break, the Philadelphia Eagle team has become the first position of Nick Foles in the next season. However, Falls said that he will remain a starting at interviews this Thursday. Players.

After 11 against the Vikings district race, the rookie defensive end steals completed his teammates on the Vikings right tackle Brian O’Neal – (Brian O & rsquo; Neill) was grappling blind side. O’Neal leave for examination a concussion, not in the return match. When the referee whistled for a foul Barbosa non-essential rude.

2. Chiefs left tackle Eric – Fisher (Eric Fisher) due to non-athlete behavior was fined $ 14037. Zhou Shengde on the people of the state of the game, Derek Fisher after a touchdown to himself poured two cans of beer, to celebrate, but also do not want to pour their money is gone.

Britt and Seahawks return to training McDaniel

Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks training ground good news, starting right tackle Justin – Britt (Justin Britt) and starting defensive tackle Tony – Tony McDaniel (Tony McDaniel) in the absence of the former after all the training day both return to training. According to relevant sources, both of whom participated in all training on Thursday.

This banned game made people doubts about the future of Gordon in Brown. The former management is considering the trading of this love trouble before the season. Now, after a failed season, cheap Nfl jerseys it is possible that the new management will consider giving up this talented but also troublesome plus.

Rich said: “We are willing to talk to other teams, we have already contacted some teams. The number of target teams is decreasing, we are still communicating. He is very important to us, we need to make a decision, Whether to stay in the team. If you can, we will continue to have a long time at this stage. It has a high-profile four-point guard for the team. “

For the Seahawks, this is undoubtedly a good news is encouraging. The team will play the Green Bay Packers in the National League finals this weekend, the Seahawks already naturally do not want too strong offensive line and defensive front attrition occurs again. But despite the return of the two men have been training, but whether planned to issue needs to continue to observe the field.

It has been reported that pirates have already proposed a 2-year renewal contract with a $ 6 million in renewal to Grande. BROCK OSWELER, which is approximated with Gremen, has got a big contract during this break, which previously shows that the New York jet hopes to get this young quarter-off.

“As one of the longest players in the team, I witnessed the process of the Brown team.” Kxi said, “I am willing to usher in the second main coach, the third main coach, the third offensive coordinator , Teammates and staff are changing, giving people very different. “

“His performance on the training site is like a silent assassin.” Kxi said so, “Although there is not much, the defense is a needle. His defense can lock each other, indirect help Meers – plus The MYLES GARRETT is close to the quarter. “

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