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The sakura coach Aliis revealed in February to receive surgery for kidney cancer

Beijing July 12th, Arizona, Cruise, Bruce, Bruce Aria, revealed that he was diagnosed with kidney cell carcinoma in kidney cancer during the 2016 season.

Brown career is the past four years for Bill. Afterwards, he signed a one-year contract with the tiger, but because of the reimbursement of the knee injury season, only 7 games. This year, the Tiger and Brown signed a three-year contract, he played the current Ninnati all nine games.

Alius wrote in his own new book he confirmed in December last year and decided to coach the last season. He accepted surgery in February this year and will restore health, you can coach the 2017 season.

49 people offensive group signing two new players

49 people signed a contract from Monday, Louis Murphy and near-end Edgesen (Logan Paulsen). Accordingly, near-end Hikole – Cole Hikutini and Safety Wei Jaquiski-Tatt (Jaquiski Tartt) entered the injury reserve list.

Murphy is a four-wheeled show in 2009, he has played the raid (2009-11), the Black Leopard (2012), Giant (2013) and pirate (2014-16). His career has played 88 games, completed 162 battles, acquired 2322 yards and 10 reaches.

Take a look at the National Union, the eagle in the East District relies on Danowan – McNab and Andy Reed’s handshal combination for 12 years, but the cowboy and giants are not weak, and each will take 3 times. And twice, and the “regular final” in recent years came from this partition, which showed that all teams can initiate an impact to the partition champion. Guohuan District, Pirates and Black Leopard rely on Jon-Grunette and John Fox ruled in the first few years in the 21st century, until Drew Bris and Matt-Lane’s two elites, Saints and Falcon Suddenly rising, the four teams actually won 3 partition champions! Guo Lianxi District, Mike Homagllen’s coaching ability helped the Hawks 6 championships in this strong partition, but with Jim Hubble and Pitt-Carol, NCAA-Carller joined , As well as the rising rises in the Rouh, the current National Association is the most horrible partition in this alliance, no one. Guohi North District seems to be a very boring partition, the package is a seven partition champion, but the bear team can threaten the top position of the package of the package, plus the Nijing and strength nearest The year has a rebounding lion, and the National Lianbei District can be described as a weak brigade.

Tatt encountered fractures on the Sunday competition. He has completed 54 hugs in Nine games, 1 copy and 3 times destroyed, and the career is best. Hettini has played 4 games, completing 2 cates, and then MCL injured.

Patriots take over the Alon – Dorbleson season reimbursement

New England Patriots announced this week’s second grade external handle Alon Dobson because the leg muscle tear is placed in a quilt list, this season is reimbursed this season. The team said Dornson was injured in the game of Green Bay packaging last week.

This year’s disappointment this year, this two-year show last year has been injured after entering cheap nfl jerseys, and after the foot fracture last November, the time of the next day, this season Just playing 57 files, only 3 shots of 38 yards, and he only participated in 4 files in the competition of the bucket.

The black silk of the Belipk head into a silver line. He still sticks to his own position for ten years, but the coach of the United Jeht other team has basically changed, and today, the United States has removed Baishi. It is difficult to pick out several elite coach came, John Hubble and Marvin – Lewis is good, but they just call the command, and the tactical part is almost no. Mike Tomlin and Rex – Lyan’s skills have good skill, but there is more negative news.

3. 49 people run to Matt Breida Knee injuries aggravated in Monday night, although they have not been too serious, but may need to be absent for a while. Left Diagonal Joe STALEY Finger dislocation, defensive end Rynf Ronald Blair front cross-ligament tear, will be added to the injury reserve list. If Starley is proceed, he may absent a few weeks. Emmanuel Sanders (ribs) remains further.

4. The crow signing the old defending of Justin Ellis, cutting the corner of the Cyrus Jones, and adds the defensive front line to Dai Long-Mike (knee) to the injury Reserve list. In addition, the crow will sign the Domata PEKO, salary of 1 million US dollars, of which 700,000 US dollar guarantee, 300,000 incentive bonuses.

However, Dorason is not important for the current patriots. The patriot has a branch from 29 points since the fifth week, and it is basically no need for Donsen. For Dornsen yourself, the future of the team is dark in the future.

Auckland raid, the silver army is originally a historical brigade of NFL. With the departure of Joan Grunette, the raid people have not killed the playoffs, in which they have an average season. Only 4.8 games were obtained. In addition to grades, their bad home turbids and brain-disabled sniper movements are always talking about the meals.

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