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Cowboy’s main right cutaway will absent three to four weeks

Dallas denim boss Jerry Jones Recently announced that the team first-haired Doug Free will be absent from three to four weakers after the injury. Jones told the media on Tuesday at local time, and the fracture of Freet injured feet. Although Fremy said that I would like to continue to participate in this weekend and the New York giant, the reality may be that the records of the 77 consecutive sects have to draw this.

Bell’s April Fool’s Day joke: not the whole season

Pittsburgh Steel Man’s Runwei Levian – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) recently released a message on the tweet, success on the Saturday April Fool’s Day, many fans believed in real.

In fact, for the cowboy, the Fritish battle will be a correct decision. The team needs to stay health in the key than the season in the season, so it is the best choice to avoid the deterioration of the injury. The team’s offensive front line is surprising this season, cheap Nfl jerseys From China they are the key to achieving 5 wins and 1 negative. It is also because of the outstanding play of the offensive front line, the star runs to Demarco-Murrco Murray can be advanced. Since this season, Murray has completed the 785-yard ground to advance and harvested 6 times. Replacing Frei will be Jermey Parnell, the team expects him to continue to help offense the front line.

Bisley is the No. 8 show in 2015, the Falcon’s 2016 season, he completed 15.5 killing. However, the last season was changed to the line, and the Efficiency of Bisley was plummeted, only 5 killed. So the head coach Dan Quinn decided to let him return to the most comfortable position.

JJ Watt and Big Shark O’Neill bet to win money

US time Saturday Louisiana, the University of Wisconsin, the United States, is just a normal NCAA American football game, but because of the pre-match Houston Dezhou star player JJ Watt (JJWATT) with the former NBA All-Star Sands The gamble between the O’Neill (Shaquille O & # 39; NEAL) and the Corner Word Patrick Peterson of Arizona is eye-catching.

After the adoption of the new labor agreement, the team can start preparing for the new year. In addition, the team needs to make a decision on whether the player uses a privileged label or a transition label.

The team can now reserve 55 players in the lineup list, and the training time during the training camp is reduced, from 28 times to 16 times, while wearing armor training time is reduced from 3 hours to 2.5 hours.

“When I watched the countdown, I really felt nervous. I know that the two astronauts have experienced what they have come to today,” he said. “Can see teamwork in the launch preparation process is unbelievable to me. This is too similar to the football team to look for & mdash; & mdash; how everyone seeing different divisions work together and makes such great pioneering be a reality This is what I really appreciate this experience. “

Let’s take a look at how they complete the gambling, Peterson, Shi: “@ 特 I heard that you have a gamble about LSU and WISC tomorrow?” Watt replied: “I have been with @ 大 Sharks are about to be, but you can note, I am willing to spend double. “

Players who have obtained the league contract can get more salary, and their performance-based bonus can also increase, with an average increase of at least 12%. The Alliance is expected to have more than $ 100 million salary.

After the launch is successful, Dolus said on the twitter: “The task is successful! Today, the Americans returned to space from Florida’s space on the space coast of Florida in 9 years. Can come here is a big honor. I have been united teams can complete any Task! Congratulations to Nasa, Spacex, NASA Kennedy Center and all those who participate in today’s historical tasks. God bless! “

After the new labor agreement is deadlocked, NFL and players will continue to negotiate during the integrated investigation camp. At that time, the NFL player meeting on behalf of 14 votes against the results of the new labor agreement into all trade union members vote, but did not make recommendations for pass or vetoing.

The NFL team owners have passed the new labor agreement on February 20. The next day, the cheap nfl jerseys from china player of 32 members will vote for the Committee on behalf of the Committee, but the EVL Global Executive Commission consisted of 11 members will decide on the opposite decision, with 6 votes against 5 votes, refused to recommend it to members. Voting through an agreement.

The changes in the new labor agreement include the earliest number of two joints in the 2020 season to increase 1 team to enter the playoffs. From 2021, it will expand the regular season to 17 games, and increase the minimum salary, based on performance Bonus and players are divided into.

So believed that the front steel man run Wei Najie – Davenport gives Bell suggestion in the first time: “Take this is a business transaction, the steel man is a great team, they will be for you Open the door. “

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