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Market: not much action, traded for Mike – Wallace make the Vikings inviting vertical threat, in addition to Terrence – Newman joined the defensive line to make a congregation of young people have better teachers. Another good news is that Peterson to come back! B +

Mike Pettine, obviously, the first quarter-sanctual election chess, he refused to reveal to reporters on Friday who would become a team’s first quarter-break, while he prefers to restore healthy questions – McCane (JOSH McCown). However, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Manzell will first start in the partition civil war against straightezburg steel according to the inspectors.

cheap nfl jerseys spokesman Michael Signora announced on Thursday that due to the weather impact of public lighting facilities in Western New York, considering public security issues, the Buffalo Bill team and the New York jet machine team will be arranged in eastern United States. Time Monday night, the location is the home of the Detroum lion.

Locke was completed in 31 passes in 3 episodes (60.8% success rate), and 254 yards were taken 1 time. In the preseason, other two replacement four-point Wei Kevin Hogan and Brett Rypien have also gained an opportunity.

On Monday night, the ball ticket and Reitvereinaerzen.De related competition information will be announced later. The alliance will also arrange relevant work as soon as possible to release the relevant work to the public.

Signola said: “Just like this morning, public security facilities in the western New York takes a period of time to recover from snow disaster. We have communicated with the team and the Red Cross on the resources available to the alliance to communicate This snow disaster will be made by CBS to make the fans in New York and Buffalo areas to see. This can be played on Sunday, but considering that the Bill team has not been trained this week, it will postpone the game. By Monday night. The training facility of the Lion Team will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “

Market: Revis and Antonio – Cromartie’s return, plus Buster – Sike Lin and Gilchrist to join so that after the Jets’ defensive line change shotgun cannon, in addition to Brandon – Marshall and Stephen – Ridley can increase the offensive talent group. A +

Coach: Doug signed – Maroni responsible for the offensive front, another layer of meaning is that once the middle of the season giving up Rodriguez – Bradley, Maroni also took FireWire coach pointer. B +

The popular views in NFL is that Brown has been 2 wins and 7 losses, and they have not enough time to truly assess Manzel. But Pert seems to have a completely different ideas. He obviously hopes to end season & mdash; & mdash; or close to such records as much as possible & mdash; & mdash; then bring the best momentum to the next season.

Long offseason, almost no team can finish the job in three battlefield, so the offseason various gap is not far away. Winners are: Bill, Vikings, Texans, Falcons and Raiders, while the loser only one name: San Francisco 49ers.

Brajant, a height of 6 feet, both speed and large-size offensive ability, reminds the raid to pay attention to the speed. Now the raid person will have a terrible external handle, they now have Amari Cooper, Bryant, former Green Bay packaging workers, Outdoor, Jordy Nelson, NELSON Director Jared Cook.

Manzell completed the second first starting this season in the Thursday night of Cincinnati Tiger last week, he was successfully passed by 15 times in 33 passes (45.45% success rate) got 168 yards 1 time. As usual, once he commands the ability of the four-point guard network to decline, his performance will decline.

Pittsburgh Steelman transfers the outer handle to the Auckland raid in the draft, in exchange for the power of the raid. The steel man later traded this elevation to Seattle Hawks, the Hawks selected the defensive end of Rashim-Green (Rasheem Green).

Market: paying grabbed front-Star guard Mike – You Padi, then after another low-wage sign Lamar – Woodley, Witherspoon and Corey – Reading and other veteran defensive group, but it is worth noting that, “the world second angle Wei “Cromartie did not leave vacancies filled. B +

Market: Terrence – Knighton, Stephen – Tropea and Ricky – let Frank make Svalbard three big defensive front abnormal strong, but the scarcity defensive line but only after the signing of cornerback Chris – Cali Buddha. Ola Kebo leave vacancies are not without influence. C-

Market: retain German – McCaw pedicle and Gorst Koski of course welcome. But lost Revis, Will Fogg and Bronner and other main defense group, offensive group but also to third gear running back Shaun – Willingen leave, Bailey Cech has been sit back attitude. C-

Bryant was played in October last year by Xiu Zhu Zhu, Smith Schustic, I was dissatisfied and asked to transaction. He was previously banned from participation in the 2016 season due to the violation of the banned drugs.

Draft: first round selection Andrews – Pete equal to continue to strengthen the pavement, Stephen – fresh blood Anthony and Ji Kaha is also defense group, but the ball team a little too lightly reconstruction group. B-

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