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Choose IRCTC Air for the greatest prices and bargains on flights. Travel is one of the most well-liked pastimes since it offers a break from our monotonous routine, so even thinking about travelling somewhere makes us quite happy. Aside from that, there is nothing that compares to the newfound enthusiasm we get when we board the aircraft to travel to our destination.

Check flight seat availability before booking air tickets

Check flight seat availability before booking air tickets

For checking flight seat availability, it can be time-consuming, particularly if you travel frequently. Not being able to find affordable airline tickets might take time and be irritating. Most travelers choose vacation destinations that fit their budget and reserve affordable airline tickets for one-way, round-trip, and multi-city domestic and international flights.

With so many online aeroplane ticket buying options available in India on IRCTC Air, determining the availability of airplane seat availability is incredibly easy.

  • Choose your departure and arrival points to complete the flight details.

  • Pick your travel dates. Then, start looking for the specified quantity of tickets.

  • Pick from the different domestic low-cost flight options presented.

  • Then either create a new account or input your username and password.

  • Complete the payment process at the end.

Your one-stop shop for all of your flight requirements is IRCTC Air. You will have the choice- checking flight seat availability, travel dates, travel class, and flight type of your choice like one-way, round-trip, multi-city, or LTC.

Once the algorithm has provided you with a list of all available flights, you can quickly verify the baggage limits, ticket prices, and cancellation policies.

Save a little money when booking your journey. IRCTC Air is your one-stop platform for all of your travel needs, with the lowest convenience charge available. So, the next time if you need air tickets to book, visit IRCTC Air website or use the App.

A fantastic feature of IRCTC Air, also known as the inexpensive Airline Ticket finder, allows you to change the price range and look for flights within your price range. It is quite easy to use and very practical for reserving inexpensive airline tickets. These are the actions to use it:

  • Fill out your journey itinerary on for airplane seat availability and aeroplane ticket.

  • The option to alter the price is located on the left side of the page. Change it around based on your spending limit.

  • You’ll see the flights that are within your budget. Pick the one that is most comfortable for you.

  • Verify the flight’s specifics and complete the booking.

The cancellation policy of IRCTC is one of the things that makes it so user-friendly. IRCTC is aware that there may be occasions when you must postpone your travel plans. Users must follow these steps in order to cancel their tickets online:

  1. Visit to get started.

  1. Log in, select “My Account,” and then submit a cancellation request for the airline tickets you have already purchased.

  1. The User has the option to pick and modify all or a portion of their reservation.

  1. If the online cancellation process is broken or the user is unable to cancel the air ticket online, they can call IRCTC at 1-800-110-139 or 0755-4090-400 to do so.

  1. The User will receive confirmation of the cancellation by SMS and email.

For the best experience when making air ticket booking and checking flight seat availability, go to

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