Check Out the GMAT Exam Eligibility Criteria for 2022


GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is required for taking admission to graduate business programs (MBA) all over the world. It is a computer-based standardized exam. The exam deals with four type of sections i.e. Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning.which measures higher-order skills that are essential for B-school graduates. No doubt, the GMAT exam score is accepted by accredited colleges/universities worldwide but before that the application process needs to fulfill the GMAT exam eligibility as set by the conducting body which is, GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council).

GMAT test provides a measure of a candidate’s preparedness of various specializations in various courses. The GMAT scores of students are considered as their capabilities to manage business programs. GMAT exam must be attempted by a candidate to get admission in the best B-school worldwide. The eligibility for GMAT exam is common and it ensures that everyone can opt for the MBA program by taking the examination.


Eligibility criteria for GMAT Entrance Exam

There are no specific GMAT exam eligibility criteria. However, before applying to any college or university it is suggested to check what demands your college or university have.

  • Age Criteria.
  • Academic eligibility.
  • Scores and grades in academics.
  • Past work experience.
  • Total number of attempts.
  • Language specification

Age Criteria: According to the governing body, GMAC, the minimum age criteria of a candidate giving GMAT exam is 13 years.  There is no maximum limit on age. The average age of candidates who appear for the GMAT exam is above 30 years of age. Students under 13-18 years of age need a sign of their parents and legal guardian’s on permission letter at the time of registration while candidates above 18 years of age can directly register for the same.

Academic Eligibility: There is no official academic eligibility required as per the GMAC. but either most of the candidates are undergraduates and work experienced or do not fall in this category.

Scores and grades in Academics: This exam has no eligibility criteria for past academic scores and grades. But, while taking admission in B-SCHOOL, they consider the grade and scores as their eligibility criteria.

Past work experience: The GMAT exam does not require any minimum or maximum work experience. But if candidates have 3-4 years experience, they will get the preference and the candidates having industrial experience are preferred by top B-schools.

Total number of attempts: The number of attempts taken by candidates would be dependent on a few conditions. A candidate is allowed to give GMAT only five times in a year and the total number of times they can attempt is 8 times in their life span. The retake of the exam can be scheduled only after 16 days of first attempt. If any candidate got the best possible highest scores in GMAT then they will only give the further attempt in next five years.

Language specification: There is no official eligibility criteria for the language in the GMAT Exam. Those candidates who did not have English as their medium of instruction or first language, they are also eligible to take the exam,


Why GMAT eligibility criteria is important

The GMAT eligibility criteria should be your first priority, if you want to take admission in a top business school. All students seeking admission to the target MBA program have shared a common worry about GMAT eligibility. Following the verification of eligibility, test takers take the GMAT exam and score based on their preparation techniques. If you want to qualify for any B-school, you have to study with a proper plan and make yourself eligible.

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