Check Train Live Running Status to Know Exact Location of Your Train

Check Train Live Running Status

The Indian Railways developed a technique to determine the precise location of a passenger train. It is one of the easiest and effective ways to locate your train. At the same time, it helps get information on the estimated arrival time of the train, the names of approaching stations, and the estimated departure time. Using GPS-enabled IRCTC trains in real-time tracking has made travelling more convenient.

National Train Enquiry System (NTES) provides live train running status information. One can get this information via NTES App, its website, helpline number, railway inquiry counters, and display boards at the stations. Alternatively, the RailMitra App is the best railway enquiry app to get accurate train live running status information. Let us see how to spot your train online and know its exact location.

NTES Train Live Running Status: What Is It?

NTES Train Live Running Status


National Train Enquiry System (NTES) is a system that allows passengers to inquire about trains’ running status. Travellers may use it to receive the real-time status of the train from the Indian Railways, which runs the system. Its services include Spot your Train or Train live running status, Live Stations, Train Schedule, Cancelled Trains, Diverted Trains, Rescheduled Trains, as well as Trains between Stations.

The NTES may be used in a variety of ways which are as follows:

  • The NTES live inquiry feature, Spot your Train, gives an accurate train running status live on the map. It displays the train’s current location, the delay status, the estimated arrival time of upcoming stops en-route, and the expected time of arrival at your destination.
  • It also allows you to look up the train timetable for a certain date.
  • When there are changes in timings or dates of the train, you may find out about them by using the feature, Rescheduled Trains.
  • Check out the Diverted Trains page to see if any recent changes have been made to the route.
  • Check out Cancelled Trains to find out whether any journeys were terminated.
  • All trains between two stations are listed under the Trains between Stations category. A total of 25 different train types may be used to refine your results.
  • If you click on the Live Station tab, you can see all the trains that will be running from one station to the other during the next 2–8 hours.

Live train tracking is useful since it lets you know where a train is in real-time, eliminating the need for guessing in your travel plans. The NTES live train inquiry helps to understand the running status history, which is essential for smooth travel.

How to Spot Your Train Online With RailMitra’s Live Train Enquiry?

Spot Your Train Online

With the train live running status function, RailMitra allows you to spot any train on the Indian Railways online. IRCTC live train information may be obtained through the RailMitra app at your fingertips. Tracking trains using RailMitra is simple and easy due to its GPS tracking technology. With RailMitra, you can get all the information you need about your train’s operating condition, its location, projected arrival and departure times, any expected delays, as well as the probable platform number where the train is most likely to appear, all in one convenient place. It’s far more enjoyable to travel in luxury and peace of mind when you’re aware of the condition of your train.

There are many additional ways RailMitra helps travellers enjoy their trip, such as delivering restaurant meals to their train seats.

What Is The Live Train Running Status?

Knowing the train live running status is essential for the passengers, as it helps in planning the journey and boarding the train at a station successfully. Users may quickly track the status of any train, its late status, and its estimated arrival and departing time by using the “Train Running Status” feature.

How to Spot Your Train?

A platform is known as the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) is used to spot a train. Alternatively, you can use RailMitra to enable users to find the exact location of any train. It is the fastest way to spot your train in real-time. NTES live train finder makes it simple to monitor the status of trains online. To find out where your train is at all times, use RailMitra.

Check Your Train’s Accurate Status Online

Travellers must be able to view the live train running status online to locate your train. Any passenger can track the live train running status by using the following information:

  • Date Of Journey – When the traveller must board a train and begin his journey, this is called the Date of Journey (DOJ). After booking the tickets, IRCTC sends a text message to the registered cell phone number with the date of the travel displayed on the ticket.
  • Train number and details – Each train has a five-digit number, such as “12309” for the RJPB Rajdhani. This is a way of identifying the train and letting you know the route it will take.
  • Station names for the source and destination – Train journeys begin and terminate at stations called the source station and the destination station. This train departs from Rajendra Nagar Terminus (Source) in Patna and arrives at New Delhi Railway Station after the trip (Destination).

In order to verify the train’s operating status and other data like seat availability, arrival, and departure of trains or trains between stations, certain details are required.

RailMitra Provides Real-time Train Status Information

As a platform for travellers, RailMitra offers a wide range of services. When it comes to train information, RailMitra is the go-to app. If you want to spot your train to know the actual position of a train and its genuine arrival and delay status, you may unlock the Indian railway live train running status. Using its AI-based interface and services, RailMitra makes it easy to arrange a trip by train.

Why Should You Use RailMitra Over NTES To Look For Train Schedules?

The RailMitra is preferred over NTES because it is a great tool for frequent or first-time travellers. It is easy to handle. For those, who are always on the run, it’s a one-stop solution. As a result, the traveller has access to a wide range of information on Indian Railways trains, such as the timetable of trains and the availability of seats. RailMitra provides all the information on the train, allowing the customer to plan their trip at their leisure.

Make a ticket inquiry, verify the train between stations, receive an Indian railway timetable chart, check the seat availability, and make a PNR inquiry. It is possible to get real-time train operating status updates by using RailMitra’s rail tools. Add the source and destination stations, class, and the date of journey to get cheap train tickets. Upon completion, a listing of the train’s categories and rates is displayed.

Travellers may purchase meals in train online and have them delivered to their seats at no additional cost, whether they are travelling now or shortly. To learn more about train timetables, download the RailMitra App.

Source of Train Running Status for RailMitra

Every aspect of his journey is revealed when the Indian Railways train operating status is displayed onscreen. Due to the RailMitra app’s real-time GPS position system, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and highly technical programming; this timetable is 100% correct.


Planning and executing a journey in the pre-digital age was nearly impossible since unforeseen events caused a mess from the beginning to the end of the voyage. RailMitra app has made it easier to inquire about train live running status and organize a rail trip calmly.

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