Cheer Up Your Loved Ones with these 5 Flowers


Flowers have the ability to cheer up anybody, no matter what the circumstance. Whether you’re sending them to show your love, sympathy, or just to welcome the new year, flowers convey that you’re thinking of your loved one in every way. A bouquet from Bismarck florists can brighten anyone’s day! Here are five flowers you should consider sending to your loved one if you want to surprise them and wish them a great year ahead:


Gerberas are known for their bright colors and cheerful nature. This gorgeous flower will surely put a smile on anyone’s face. Plus, they’re fairly easy to take care of and last a surprisingly long time in vases, so the recipient will get to enjoy your floral gift a little longer. Gerberas are also sometimes called sunshine flowers.


Roses are indeed an obvious choice, because they’re also among some of the most preferred flowers around. Not only are they beautiful and vibrant, but they have a lovely scent and can last for up to two weeks after opening. If you want your loved one feeling their best, you can’t go wrong with roses!

Red roses are perfect your special person, because they symbolize true love and romance. Giving your loved one a bouquet of red roses on their birthday or anniversary is an impressive idea. Red roses will remind them how much you adore them, and they may even bring you closer together.


A Sunflower reminds your loved one that he/she is not alone. According to Bismarck florists, Sunflowers also increase positive emotions and bring a sense of hope, which can help anyone feel less stressed. Try giving Sunflowers or combine them with similar flowers like gerberas when you want to support someone who’s going through a difficult time. This gives the recipient a sense of hope and peace of mind.


Orchids are surely one of most popular flowers, especially when it comes to gifting via flower delivery in Bismarck. Orchid plants are available in a variety of colors and can be grown indoors, making them an ideal choice for those who live in apartments or small homes with little yard space. These long-lasting, beautiful blooms appeal to all genders and ages.


This flower is associated with patience and determination. Displaying a fresh bouquet of hydrangeas will help remind your loved one that they can achieve their dreams and be successful in life. Hydrangeas are readily available during most of the year, thus making them an easy choice for any occasion. Their calming presence will soothe your nerves.

If you’re looking for the best flowers to cheer up your loved one, purchase any of these five flowers from the leading Bismarck flower shops today.

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