Chemical 4-Aminopyridine Basic Attributes

Chemical 4-Aminopyridine Description
4-Aminopyridine is a nonselective K+ channel blocker that binds from the cytoplasmic side of the cell membrane.Target: Potassium Channel4-Aminopyridine(4AP) is a nonselective K+ channel blocker that binds from the cytoplasmic side of the cell membrane. 4AP strongly potentiates transmitter release from the unmyelinated terminals of rat motor nerves, and the possibility arose that demyelinated axon membrane, which can conduct impulses continuously like an unmyelinated fibre, might further

Chemical 4-Aminopyridine Basic Attributes
CAS No:504-24-5

Molecular Formula :C5H6N2

Molecular Mass :94.11

Exact Mass :94.053101

PSA :38.9 A^2

LogP :0.32

EINECS :207-987-9


H-bond Acceptor :2

H-bond Donor :1

RBN :0

Chemical 4-Aminopyridine Characteristics
Appearance :White to faint grey to light yellow Crystalline Powder, Solid or Crystals

Density :1.26

Melting Point :157 °C

Bolling Point :273 °C(lit.)

Flash Point :156°C

Refractive Index :1.569

Solubility :soluble in water(112 g/L at 20 deg C). soluble in ethyl ether, benzene. Slightly soluble in ligroin. Very soluble in ethanol. soluble in methanol, acetone, tetrahydrofuran, isopropanol, acetonitrile, N,N-dimethylformamide, dimethylsulfoxide, and ethanol.

Storage Condition :0-6°C

Vapor Pressure :2.09X10-4 mm Hg at 20 deg C

BRN :105782

Stability :Stable to light.

Chemical 4-Aminopyridine Safety Information
Packing Group :II

Hazard Class :6.1

HS Code :29333999

UN No. :UN 2671 6.1/PG 2

WGK_Germany :3

Risk Code :28-36/37/38-51/53-23/24/25

Safety Instructions :26-36/37/39-45-60-61-37/39-28A-1

RTECS No. :US1750000

Dangerous Mark :T+,N,T,Xi

Storage :The warehouse is ventilated at low temperature and dry; stored separately from oxidants, acids and food additives

P Code :P261-P264-P301 + P310-P305 + P351 + P338

Hazard Statements :H300-H315-H319-H335

Hazard Note :Toxic/Irritant

Flammability :Open flame is flammable; high heat emits toxic nitrogen oxide gas

Toxicity :Oral-Rat LD50: 21 mg/kg; Oral-Mouse LD50: 42 mg/kg

Toxicity Class :most toxic

Chemical 4-Aminopyridine Product Usage
Dalfampridine is used in characterizing subtypes of potassium channel, and has also been used to manage some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and is indicated for symptomatic improvement of walking in adults with several variations of the disease. Dalfampridine is a precursor to the drug Pinacidil.

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