Chemical Controlled Substance Destroys Futures

In our present world, illegal drugs have been searched for more than anything else. The widespread drug use or illegal substance use has populated quite impressively. The users will do whatever it takes to get a hand on these drugs. The most commonly used drugs in our world and communities are Cocaine, Heroin, Alcohol, Meth, Prescriptions, Barbiturates, Hallucinogens, Amphetamine, etc. Every drug has played its role through the people who handle these illegal chemicals.

Although every drug plays an addictive role in our world, each chemical controlled substance has its own way of causing mind-altering effects. Each drug, from the toxins, does something different to the brain cells. However, every drug does have one main purpose. The purse is to get the brain addicted so they can destroy the vision the brain has.

Every brain that has been exposed to illegal controlled substances has its own way of making a way for physical dependency. Physical dependency is when people have withdrawn because of not putting the drug into their brain. The Central Nervous System has become so acquainted with the feeling of drugs that it craves for the toxicants.

Once Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Alcohol, or any other mind alternating chemical has been put into the brain, there are many long-term effect causes. For one, the brain builds up a tolerance level. While one drug causes one thing to happen, another drug will cause the other thing to happen. When drug addicts once get high on 2 pills, they will soon need 10 pills a day for a certain psychological effect.

People become addicted to these substances, and at the same time, the central nervous system battles with the addiction. Once a certain tolerance level has been supported in the brain, the dependence level is now in the craving. The longer the addiction operates in the brain, the harder it becomes to let go.

Some addictions might cause hallucinations when the brain has not had “what is called a fix”. The brain needs its fix after going so long during the day without getting high. Whether people realize it or not, there has to be a reason why our world and communities is the way it is.

From my people’s experiences with drugs, I believe drugs are the reason for crimes committed. Not all crimes are because of drugs, but once a person turns a certain age; and crime is every single day, then surely, drugs are the reason.

Chemical Controlled Substance Abuse About Crime

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