Chequered Plate And Chequered Plate Weight

Chequered Plate And Chequered Plate Weight

Chequered Plate:

Chequered plates are thin metal plates with excellent anti-slip properties. A chequered plate has elevated regular diamonds or lines on one side and flat lines or diamonds on the other. It is also suitable for architectural exterior purposes due to its qualities of corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and exquisite surface treatment.

Manufacturing process of Chequered Plate:

The production process has a significant impact on the quality of steel. Modernised machinery is installed in the manufacturing process together with rolling technology. The produced material is of consistent quality and can last for many years.

Chequered Plate manufacturing is a reasonably easy technique. Chequered plate manufacturers in India pass the material through a number of substantial rollers until the desired thickness is reached when creating a standard plate or sheet.

How is the chequered plate weight calculated?

An MS chequered plate’s volume in cm can be calculated by multiplying the plate’s thickness in cm by its width in cm by its length in cm (t x w x l). As a result, if you multiply the volume by the plate’s density, V = twl cubic centimetres. You will be given the chequered plate weight in grammes.

If you want a detailed chart visit ms chequered plate weight chart pdf

Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Chequered Plate in India

One of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and exporters of stainless steel chequered plate in India is Maxgrow Corporation.

We have been manufacturing, exporting, and selling stainless steel chequered plate for a few years now. Chequered Stainless Steel Plate is one of the items we provide.

We provide the finest checker plates with a high yield strength that we can tailor to the structural requirements of offshore projects.

We are the best Stainless Steel Chequered Plate Manufacturer in India.

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