Chevening Scholarship: All You Need to Know about the UK’s Most Prestigious Scholarship Program

What is the Chevening Scholarship program?

Funded by the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the Chevening Scholarship program is one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most competitive international scholarship programs, with a vast alumni network comprising over 50,000 graduates. Aiming to develop global leaders capable of using their knowledge, expertise, and networks to bring about positive change in their communities, the Chevening Scholarship program has brought together scholars from 160+ countries since 1983.

Since its creation, the program has provided a unique platform to international scholars to develop personally, professionally, and academically, experience the vibrant UK culture, form extensive networks, and foster lasting, favorable ties with the country. The UK is home to several world-class universities with an unrivaled reputation for academic excellence, offering an extensive array of courses to choose from. The Chevening Scholarship program enables potential leaders from all around the globe to pursue 1-year Master’s programs in the UK. Under the Chevening Scholarship, applicants can choose from over 12,000 Master’s courses offered at 150+ higher education institutions.

What does a Chevening Scholarship cover?

A Chevening Scholarship covers the entire cost of pursuing your Master’s degree in the UK, which also includes any additional expenses incurred as an overseas student. Recipients of the Chevening Scholarship typically receive:

  •         Payment of tuition fees
  •         Economy travel expenses to and from the applicant’s country of residence
  •         Entry clearance (visa) application cost for the applicant
  •         Arrival and departure allowances
  •     A monthly living stipend covering accommodation and other living expenses, depending on whether you study inside or outside London.
  •         A top-up allowance for travel
  •         Up to £75 contribution for TB testing, where needed

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the Chevening Scholarship Program?

In order to be eligible for a Chevening Scholarship, applicants must:

  •         Belong to a Chevening-eligible country.
  •         Hold an undergraduate degree with all required components allowing them entry into a postgraduate program at a UK institution.
  •         Have a minimum of two-year work experience.
  •         Return to their home country following the end of the Chevening Scholarship for at least two years.
  •         Receive an unconditional offer from a UK institute by the specified deadline after applying to three different UK university programs.
  •         Demonstrate a solid academic background, leadership qualities, the ability to come up with innovative solutions, and a passion for creating a better future.

Guidelines for Applying to the Chevening Scholarship Program:

  •         You can only apply to a Chevening Scholarship online.
  •         You will be required to enter your standardized English test details such as IELTS or TOEFL along with the scores in the Chevening Scholarship application form.
  •         Due to the lack of an automatic save function, you should regularly save your application form as each session closes after sixty minutes.
  •         The Chevening Scholarship application form will require you to state UK institutes according to your priority and preference.
  •         You will need to upload two English-written reference letters in PDF format.
  •         The application form asks some questions that you will have to answer within fifty words.

Application Timeline for Chevening Scholarship Program:

From the application deadline to the conditional selection of candidates, the entire process of selection of Chevening scholars takes at least eight months. Applications for the Chevening Scholarship program typically start in the month of August and end in November.

Which courses are eligible for the Chevening Scholarship Program?

As applicants have to select three course choices, they always have alternative options if not selected for their most preferred course option. It is recommended to choose similar courses at different universities in order to increase the probability of gaining entry into at least one of them. In addition, you should select courses that are best aligned with your career goals. To ensure the eligibility of your courses for a Chevening Scholarship, the courses must be:

  •         Full-time
  •         Taught Master’s, rather than research-based MRE programs
  •         Commence in the Autumn term (mostly September/October)
  •         Based in the UK
  •         More than nine and less than twelve months in duration

What is the acceptance rate of the Chevening Scholarship Program?

Being highly competitive, only 2-3% of the applicants are selected, making the Chevening Scholarship program a symbol of immense prestige.

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