Chicago-a place must be visited

Some of the many things Chicago is famous for are: Chicago-style hot dogs, Chicago-style (deep dish) pizza, Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, jazz music, and 1920s gangsters like Al Capone. Chicago is also known for its interesting architecture like the Sears Tower, many museums, and many local sports fans.

Chicago is packed with so many fun things to do like you’d expect from every other major city. It’s quite easy to get caught up in so many tourist traps. It is even easier to miss out on local favorites that come with the city, especially in a really big city like Chicago, where options available to visitors are seemingly endless.

Looking for what to do in Chicago? You can choose fun things ranging from the world-class museums, vibrant shopping districts, and the ample nightlife venues, just to mention a few.

We are here to discuss the things to be done in Chicago

● Chicago Parks

Chicago parks district is loaded with so many fun things to do. It is the unarguably the oldest and one of the largest park districts in the US. It operates 580 parks that stretch out across 8,100 acres of municipal parkland. I bet you, you will be missing so much fun not to pay at least one of them a visit for a fun urban nature escape. Lincoln Park and Grant Park actually get most of the visitor’s attention.

● Wayne Campbell’s couch and other cool SNL sets

Chicago is endowed with tons of fun and cool museums all worth checking out. The Saturday Night Live exhibit at the Museum of Broadcast Communications is definitely one not to miss because the fun is out of this world. Even if you’re not a fan, the exhibit is so comprehensive that it’s impossible not to be impressed and have great fun.

● the glorious 606

The 2.7-mile elevated pathway which is along an old railway line passes through neighborhoods like Bucktown, Logan Square, and Humboldt Park, with plenty of cool bars and restaurants along the way to stop off at for fun-filled packages and a little pick-me-up, including Handlebar and Weegee’s Lounge.

It is modeled after NYC’s High Line, The fun 606 urban hiking trail is the best way to see the city’s neighborhoods with a little nature thrown into the adventurous mix.

● the lakefront

Trust me; you haven’t seen Chicago until you’ve viewed Chicago from the lakefront. And guess what? It is free. So you can make it happen by strolling any portion of the 18-mile lakefront path from Ardmore Street to 71st.

● Chicago’s beaches

The beaches in Chicago are one of the best things about Chicago summer, you can have fun and enjoy with the less crowded but still centrally located spots such as the criminally underrated Ohio Street Beach. And with on-site Caffe Oliva slinging drinks and fish tacos with the downtown buildings to one side and the equally underrated Milton Lee Olive Park on the other, there is so much fun to be savored around here.

● Devour

There is no doubt that Johnnie’s Beef in suburban Elmwood Park certainly makes a really fine Italian beef sandwich. So if you’re in the city and want to get a unique slice of fun, a trip to Chicago’s Little Italy/University Village neighborhood should be top place on your itinerary.

● the fun way

Ok, so most out-of-towners inevitably inquire about deep dish pizza at some point in the conversation. Pequod’s in Lincoln Park is a great example within city limits, with Burt’s Place out in suburban Grove is more than worthy of a little road trip of fun.

● the Chicago-style hot dog

It is advisable that you complete the tripartite of Chicago food by taking down a Chicago-style hot dog at a local institution like retro drive-in Superdawg. Or if you’re particularly famished, then you can take a fun trip to The Weiner’s Circle. Just be prepared for the amazing and weird fun wrapped into one; it’s one of Chicago’s most foul-mouthed experiences.

● Manny’s Deli

Trust me; the Manny’s Deli is so famous that even President Obama had dined there so had President Clinton. It has indeed become a common tradition for about every politician who ever set foot in Chicago. And so should you, don’t you think so? Having a power lunch on a Reuben or beef pastrami in this legendary cafeteria-style diner where business gets done in Chicago offers so much fun that you can’t resist.

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