Chicago B2B Marketing Firms Help You Rise to the Top duringthe Quarantine

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Over the past few months, we’ve all learned to adjust to new living and working environments. We’re varying working hours, working from home,having online meetings, and adapting our web surfing, streaming, and social networking habits. These changes have shifted the behavior of the traditional marketing audience profile. If your business is B2B, you need to track the movement and changes of these potential audiences, following thestrategies belowfrom successful marketing firms in Chicago to keep up with the current marketing and business trends.

Here are a few rock solid ways to make sure your message doesn’t fall flat with the new quarantine audience and that you capitalize most efficientlyon your efforts. You need to focus not only on the value you are adding for your customers, but also on the unique ways that you can support them during theseunusual times.

Here are some of the recent strategies of B2B marketing companies in Chicago that are workingwell in the brave new, “work-from-home” world.

  • Assure your ecommerce site is mobile response

Ecommerce stores have been around for a while now, and most of us use them regularly for purchases. Developing a mobileresponsive ecommerce platform for your business will help you gain the attention of online web browsing users. Because of the large scale quarantine, people are spending more time than ever in virtual spaces.

  • Social media can boost business

With the slowdown or temporary shutdown of many brickandmortar businesses after the COVID-19outbreak, many companies are relying more than ever on social media platforms. Focusing on converting followers into paying customers, many businesses are seeing strong results. To take advantage of the quarantine period, it’s important to be online and be easier to find than ever.

  • Target quarantine working hours

The transition to working remotely has made it more likely that business meeting hours will shift from the traditional9-5 time slot. Many people are working during more convenient periods, extending hours to earlier or later in the dayandadding weekends. Enlisting the expertise and knowledge of marketing companies in Chicago can help you leverage the unique opportunities presented byexpanding your presence with both B2B as well as B2C marketing campaigns.

  • Update your Google My Business Listing

Many of your existing and potential customers are depending on you to provide the latest information about your business. So, due to the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, if you’re temporarily closing your company, changing the business hours, or making any other changes that are important for customers to know, you need to let publicizethat information . Using your professional Google My Business posts can be a great way to update customers on everything related to your business, so they can find you whenever they need you.

The current, unprecedented times we’re experiencing shows why it is more important than ever to grow your business visibility in every possible digital sphere. However, this visibility may be easier said than done. Whatever your company is, if you do not have the support of a reliable marketing company to guide you through making the most out of the COVID quarantine period, your business could easily suffer.

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