Chinese Batteries That Can Change Our Perception of Batteries

If you take a look at even five years back, the development of batteries was quite limited. Now the entire game of lithium-ion batteries is into a shifting paradigm. Well, you can put the finger of fame towards none other than the Asian super giant of the Tech industry, China. What they are onto is changing our perceptions on batteries. From waterproof battery product to fast charging technology, they are pushing all the limits. However, the development of fast battery charging technology in China is still by far and large the greatest. Let us take a look at some of the recent technological advancements.

• The Amazing Fast-Charging Capabilities

Fast battery charging technology in China is a product of mixed proportions of both Physics and Chemistry. In recent years, fast charging is seeing a growth, which is far above than calling it stable. Phenomenally, the different battery applications are seeing a massive decrease in the overall time of reaching 0-100%. We all know that the batteries charge when current passes through them. On general thoughts, you can conclude that just increasing the current flow might make the battery to charge faster. But it is not so as every battery has a certain capacity of sucking energy. So when this level increases, we can say development is rolling high.

• Batteries That Can Breathe Underwater

How long can you survive being underwater? Maybe one or two minutes, some even take it to three. But did you ever think that your battery can survive underwater? Perhaps you did not. This is what waterproof battery products do nowadays. These batteries push the earlier depth of surviving at 100 meters deep to further 100 meters. Now if you are thinking whether these products have any certain life span or not, yes is the answer to that. They have a lifespan over a thousand cycles. Waterproof batteries are present in cars, ships, submarines, drones and what not!

• Batteries That Can Store Energies For Future Use

Energy storage batteries do not have any particular size, they come in as small as in alarm systems to gigantic ones in hydro power stations. The main conception and the need of having batteries that can store energy are simple. Sometimes you need the energy to be in the product without fearing of a hamper in the current flow. That is where the technology of energy storage batteries comes into role. Wide ranges of applications have this kind of battery. Common ones among them are Nuclear power plants, emergency lighting, car starters, telecommunications etc.

• Batteries That Can Beat The Cold

Not all batteries have the survival power at -40 Degree Celsius temperature. But the ultra-low-temperature batteries can do that. Just think of all the devices that you people use in the extreme climatic conditions. Those are the devices or products, which have the batteries that can even survive at such icy conditions.

Batteries are developing spectacularly, thanks to the technological advancements of certain countries like China, Japan, Korea and other tech giants.

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