Chinese movie Man In Love with home love but too cute

The new movie Man In Love is a Taiwanese movie. Which can be considered as a love-comedy movie with a personality and interesting elements with the protagonist’s career, the debt collector, the protagonist of the movie, who has a very cute voice and is trying to woo her. It’s good that it’s okay.

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It is the story of Ah Cheng, a young man who is extremely brutal in debt collection. But it turns out that he is actually a compassionate person. The debtor is very and secretly helping a little Let Ploy survive with debtors who are already in trouble. One day he went to collect debts. In the hospital until he met Wu Huating, a bank girl, tomorrow’s father is seriously ill and owes a big head. causing her to be obliged to take on the role Debt payable on behalf of her father

shortly after He fell in love with her at first sight and tried to woo her. To be accomplished with a few jokes that can be called various types that people who don’t want anything like him can do and can think until it becomes a funny and cute story and invites smiles and laughs along the way throughout the story as well

With this kind of fun, it’s a pretty great lead, and in the second half of the story, there’s a dramatic turn of the role, a heavy, full-length drama from the end of the story, which if anyone hopes to see a love-ending movie. happy I would have to skip this one because I can tell that it can bring tears to the viewers.

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for this movie The first half of the story is laid out. It’s a love story that’s almost as funny as ever with the story that goes on. The kind that is always funny. with getting to know and trying to flirt with the protagonist’s jokes which it seems that he himself rarely and never had a girlfriend until the age of 40, while the image of a debt collector It’s also a major obstacle to his bad image. Until the heroine refuses to open up at all.

Plus, ดูหนังออนไลน์ Pol Pot is also seen as try to find her to pressure them to pay more bad debts Thus causing many strange stories and creating no less fun that has it all. But who knows the jokes that are quite hilarious, going down to the cute corner of the hero? who tried so hard to let her open up which the first half of the story for more than 10 minutes is the time when trying to flirt with the heroine which is something that is very enjoyable with quite cuteness, but the second half can say that It’s quite a full-blown drama. There is an intensity beyond the moment the couple’s love ends with the effort. Help the hero’s mistake until it becomes It is the end and the turning point of the whole story by default.

Man In Love, or in the Thai name “Long term installment”, is another Taiwanese movie. with a remake From a Korean movie in 2014 that was filmed for netflix with the story of a young debt collector. who fell in love with a young debtor and tried to win her heart with a comedy story And a romantic home that is quite interesting. And it can be said that it creates smiles for the audience not less.

which is regarded as a movie that has been released in Taiwan And sold last April and was both bought by netflix with their own system which is a modified story and was remade from Korea of ​​the same name, but it seems that this will not be broadcast properly under copyright in Thailand

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