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In recent years the popularity of chiropractic has spread like wildfire. Where once chiropractors were a member of a fringe group, now it seems their time has come. Especially in California, where the number of people seeing chiropractors is growing rapidly. The main difference between using chiropractor and traditional doctors is that with the former you will generally be exposed to less drugs, and given less invasive procedures such as acupuncture and manipulation rather than X-ray’s and MRI’s which can cause complications in normal day to day life when they are used indiscriminately.

Unlike traditional doctors, chiropractors are not licensed, however they do in many cases have years of schooling and experience under their belts before they set up their own practice. One of the major differences between chiropractic care and traditional methods is that where drugs are used by the latter, manipulation is the primary tool of the former. In many cases manipulation can be done without having to see a chiropractor face to face, which makes it an essential option for many people. However there are still some problems yet to be ironed out. In some countries such as Britain and America, chiropractors can prescribe medication where in other countries this is not allowed. There has also been a controversy over the claims chiropractors can make about their treatment. Many chiropractors will make claims such as offering pain relief for ailments such as tennis elbow and back pain, which studies have shown to be false.

“In fact, the only reason we claim to offer more than medical care is because there is more to this.” – The Chiropractor’s Vision Statement

Chiropractic has no training in any form of medicine whatsoever and therefore cannot be considered scientific. Chiropractic itself is a pseudoscience, which attempts to offer plausible sounding explanations for common ailments that are ultimately not scientifically proven. This however does not mean that chiropractic can’t work. Chiropractic, in fact, has been proven to work on many occasions. In a conference held by the Science and Technology Committee of the  House of Lords   it was revealed that the evidence they had seen had shown that chiropractic treatment can ‘offer significant benefits’. Read More

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