Chlorine Dioxide Manufacturers and Suppliers – Solve Different Industries Problems

Chlorine dioxide is primarily used as a bleach. As a disinfectant it is very much effective even at low concentrations and the reason is its unique qualities. Because of explosive nature, chlorine dioxide is difficult to transport and is usually manufactured on site. It is usually produced as a watery solution or gas.

The demand of stabilized chlorine dioxide has grown rapidly and this new kind of broad-spectrum and highly effective disinfectant is widely used in the chemical, petroleum, metal lurgies, oil-field, fertilizer industry and many more at affordable price.

GO2 is the first choice for businesses considering chlorine dioxide because they are simple and affordable to everyone, from a major urban water authority to a village well. Highly-equipped machines are used to make completely different GO2. It is made by adding 2 powders to normal water or DI water. Then a simple tank with a simple dosing pump are used to result a 4,000ppm 95%+ chlorine dioxide liquid concentrate. The process does not emit waste products or residues and users can enjoy 100% of the concentrate target water.

Being a renowned Chlorine Dioxide supplier, GO2 make use of a new technology to produce chlorine dioxide. GO2 eliminates all sort of problems.

Reasons that why you should choose GO2 as your chlorine dioxide supplier:

Use of Innovative Technology

GO2continuously innovates and develops new products and services that purify water and protect against contaminants, allowing businesses to perform brilliantly. With the help of experienced engineers and project managers, they ensure you to provide a system that is best suited to your needs. Moreover, you can remain assured that their chlorine dioxide systems make use of innovative technology on the market.


Knowing the importance of chlorine dioxide, the manufacturers supply many kinds of polymers, flocculants, coagulants for water and wastewater treatment, paper industry, textile industry, and oil drilling industry, drinking water companies, food and beverage industry, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cruise ships, marine vessels, swimming pools, spas and many more.

Contribute to Better Environment

GO2 International is a recognized Chlorine Dioxide Manufacturer which provides state of the art chlorine dioxide generation without the use of generators or equipment. Their mission is to contribute to a better environment and common human, anima and crop welfare by supplying safe, healthy drinking water, irrigation water and wash water. Moreover they are supported by a large number of scientists, engineers, physicians and universities to support clients with required data and knowledge based on latest scientific research. If you have been looking for a chlorine dioxide supplier who make use of 100% green technology to benefit the urban, industrial, commercial and agricultural users, then you’ll find GO2 as the best fitted one.

GO2 provides quality chlorine dioxide which promise antimicrobial activity against mold, bacteria, spores and virus strains. You can order total or minimum order quantity and enjoy great customer service wit on time delivery of products at cost-effective prices.

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