Chlorine Tablets or Chlorine Granules- Which One to Use?

Sitting in a hot tub at the end of the day, sipping on your favourite drink listening to calming music is the best self-care activity. But to fully enjoy the perks of having a hot tub, you must ensure that the water is clean. Clean hot tub water means no bacteria or algae growth, no irritation to the skin, and overall outstanding hot tub spa experience. Now, since you have a hot tub, you might already know that chlorine is the finest hot tub sanitizer and needs to be added to the water to keep it clean and fresh. But most hot tub owners are confused as to whether to use chlorine tablets or chlorine granules. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

· Chlorine Granules: These granules dissolve faster and are mostly used in shock dosing the freshwater. Shock dosing with chlorine granule is done when you use the hot tub for the first time or haven’t used it in a long time. They are relatively pH neutral but raise the chlorine concentration rapidly.

· Chlorine Tablets: These tablets are the most used since they offer a hands-off cleaning approach. Tablets release the chlorine very slowly into the water over time. So, if you use your hot tub spa frequently or are going away for a while, using chlorine tablets will always keep your water fresh and clean.

Whether you want to use chlorine granules or tablets, it completely depends on your needs. Tablets are more convenient for regular users whereas granules are convenient if shock dosing is needed frequently. Nonetheless, it is important to buy the highest quality of chlorine tablets or granules.

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