Choose Impressive Muslim Wedding Invitation Designs from Online Templates

Muslim wedding cards always have a different look from other wedding invitations. Muslim couples prefer wedding card designs that are closely related to their religion and hold traits of Islamic religion in all aspects. Professional wedding card makers keep the preferences of their Muslim customers in mind while drawing designs for their wedding invitations.

Muslims are quite conservative in maintaining all their religious rituals in every aspect of their social and cultural events. Their weddings are conducted by Muslim priests, following the instructions of an ideal marriage as mentioned in the Holy Quran. New couples like to invite their relatives and friends by sending wedding invitations bearing special Islamic traits. Thus, they carefully choose attractive Muslim wedding invitation designs from the websites of prominent wedding card makers.

Different Muslim wedding invitation designs available online

The crescent and stars form a holy symbol as per Islamic traditions, for which this simple picture is highly popular as the design of Muslim wedding cards. The dome and minarets of a mosque, preferably the Holy Mosque of Mecca can be chosen for imprinting on wedding invitations of Muslim couples. These Islamic wedding invitation designs look most impressive against the backdrop of a dark shade, preferably emerald green or crimson red.

Miniatures of attractive Mughal paintings are often admired by Muslims, who are more culture-lovers. These paintings usually depict the royal court of a Muslim ruler or a royal procession with well-decked elephants and horses. Paintings of elegant dancers or peacocks spreading their colorful tails are also hugely admired all the time. The beauty and grandeur of these paintings render a unique look to wedding cards.

The paisley is an ornamental pattern that looks like a curved teardrop. It is a very popular design among Muslims due to its Persian origin. Wedding card makers use paisleys of varying colors and sizes to adorn wedding cards of their Muslim customers. Large floral motifs of vibrant colors are also preferred by many new couples.

Since Mehendi is a vital wedding ritual for a Muslim bride, many modern couples prefer to adorn their wedding cards with beautiful Mehendi designs. Some wedding card makers also feature a Mehendi-laden hand on the cover page of the wedding card, demonstrating the importance of this ritual.

Hence, wedding card makers choose Muslim marriage invitation designs carefully, as per the desires of their customers. These designs in appropriate colors add to the grandeur of wedding cards, apart from the unique background colors and shapes of these invitations for Muslim couples.

Author bio: Hi, I am Kamal Jahan from Agra and I purchased wedding cards for my sister’s wedding. A reputed wedding card maker provided with many attractive Muslim wedding invitation designs to make my job easier.

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