Choose The Best Disinfectant Products for Adding Hygiene to Surfaces

Today, everyone is advancing in terms of maintaining hygiene. With exponential growth in the modes of sanitization and cleaning, the awareness of hygiene is also increasing. Be it Corporate offices or Individual homes, everyone tries to uphold a clean and safe environment to work and reside in.

Infections can spread through various surfaces of objects or items which can be contaminated. For example, in an office, elevator buttons, office tables, and even keyboards can gather a lot of unknown germs and viruses, which can lead to grave infections. Thus, to eliminate threats like this, disinfection services and surface disinfection wipes play an essential role.

Role of good Surface Disinfecting wipes

Maintenance of a clean surrounding has a great potential to lead a safe future. People generally clean the surface to remove such an excessive amount of microbes and bacteria. But, some fail to achieve the proper removal of them because of the use of clean cloth. Viruses are not removed with just a clean cloth, because of which surface disinfecting wipes are required. AI-Shield is one such disinfecting wipe proven to eliminate viruses like SARS, H1N1, and many more. These wipes are 3 times more effective than any other wipe used to clean the surface.

There are specific roles that a good disinfection wipe should follow, like;

  1. Safe – Many surface cleaning wipes have harmful chemicals to remove the lethal viruses. These chemicals can indeed remove them, but they can also harm you back by reacting with the skin. Thus, they should not have any harmful chemicals or release dangerous by-products. Moreover, toxic chemicals can also damage the object causing a long-term effect on the product.
  2. Any surface – AI-Shield Disinfecting wipes can be used to sanitize any surface like glass, wood, and even marbles. These wipes do not interrupt the quality of the surface of objects. These wipes are also effective in hospitals and clinics, where high-end sanitization is required. In addition to this, one can also use these wipes at home to sanitize baby gear and kitchen appliances to ensure a safe environment at home.
  3. Electronics – AI-Shield wipes are also suitable for cleaning electronic appliances as they never disorient the electronics. With the moisture present in the wipes, people are often sceptic of using them over keyboards and screens. But, AI-Shield disinfecting wipes have very little moisture in them. It makes sure that the electronic gadgets are cleaned without causing any harm.
  4. Long-lasting – These surface cleaning wipes provide an antimicrobial layer over the surface, which lasts for over 40+ hours. Thus, they provide sustained protection from bacteria and viruses.

Surface Disinfecting Wipes

Limitations of Disinfecting wipes

Even though there are many benefits of Disinfecting Wipes, it is also true that many brands are falsely advertising their products. Many products have a label of not having any harmful chemicals, but the reality is totally different, often dangerous and daunting. They can counter-react with the skin and cause irritation and rashes. This deceit often leads to the lack of trust for other products in the people. Thus, people should know everything about the product which they are using. And with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, people should be even more careful with which cleaning agent they are cleaning their objects.

How often to clean and disinfect the surfaces?

AI-Shield disinfecting wipes provide 40+hours of antiviral protection layer to the objects. However, it is also true that the same surface is re-infected because of the interaction with the outside world, which is the risk that everybody has to take to stay safe.

Because of the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, the awareness for cleanliness has rapidly increased with a drastic percentage. However, the false claims of many brands are a problem we have to face. AI-Shield is trying to tackle this by providing a disinfecting wipe that has all the chemicals approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In perturbing times like this, people should stay alert to their surroundings. With countless brands involved in producing disinfection services and surface sanitizing wipes, it is easy to get confused in choosing the right disinfectant products. Reading the labels behind the product is crucial. Everybody should be careful while purchasing any product to stay safe against viruses and microbes.

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