Choose the Best Paintings for Your Home

When you think of spicing up a place with artwork and paintings, it is very important to be able to choose wisely. Do you know what kind of artworks is the best for the bedroom or the kitchen? Do you have an idea what piece of artwork will suit your office? If not, have a look at these tips from experts and find the best classical paintings (Klassieke Schilderijen) for each part of your home.

  • The Kitchen: Don’t forget this ‘heart of the home’. Use small and minimalistic art and something that gives of happy vibes!
  • The Bedroom: This is where you leave all your inhibitions aside and relax. And the paintings here should reflect the feeling of relaxation. Something that soothes the soul, along with stirring emotions of calm and peace.
  • The Office: If you have a space in the office where you can keep paintings of your choice, go for something sober with minimalistic frames or you can also experiment with broad frames that give the space a magnetic pull.
  • The Living Room: This is the most fun place to decorate. Here you need to think out-of-the-box. You can go for extravagant paintings that stir conversations and intrigue your guests.
  • The Passage: This place is often ignored but can be used brilliantly. A portrait of yourself (Portret Van Jezelfor your beloved can adorn the walls of the passageway from the hall to the bedroom.

No matter where you want the painting for, the painting should be appealing to you. You may or may not follow the guidelines and it will all be fine until the painting you chose reflects your style. And where can you buy beautiful hand-painting classical artworks? At Inksane Art Academy! With their experienced and trained painters and the use of only top quality paints, you can be assured that you will get brilliant and vibrant paintings.

Located in Belgium, Inksane Art Academy offers you a solution for all our artistic needs. You can choose a painting from their collection to adorn any part of your home or office. Get a self-portrait made and even learn the intricacies of art in their classes.

About Inksane Art Academy:

Inksane Art Academy is the perfect place to indulge in some artistic pleasures. With paintings based on old masters knowledge, you can decorate your home with paintings!

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