Choose the best popcorn ceiling removal services

Ceilings to which a combination of Styrofoam waste products and drywall particles are applied are known as popcorn ceilings. They are also called stipple ceiling, stucco ceiling, or acoustic ceilingThey are used mainly in ceilings of hallways in residences or bedrooms. Popcorn ceilings are cost-effective since it is fast and easy, less labor-intensive. They also have a distinct white appearance, acoustic characteristics and cover all the imperfections underneath. Thus, making this an easy option for homeowners. However, these popcorn ceilings may have asbestos that is hazardous to health and can cause cancer. Asbestos is also airborne, and when these fibers are inhaled, they can cause diseases like mesothelioma. Hence it is best to remove any popcorn ceilings in your home or office.

Popcorn ceiling removal ensures a manageable painting. It controls damage and stains. Once it is removed, it gives a neat and professional look. Hence, increasing the resale value of your home. The main benefit would be asbestos removal from your home. Since your ceiling will have a smooth finish, there wouldn’t be any spider webs or dust accumulating on your walls or ceiling.

It is quite easy and affordable to remove this ceiling. Popcorn ceiling removal cost Toronto has the following removal process:

1)   Setting up of workspace

First, the preparation of the premises has to be done. All the needed material has to be gathered. The furniture, walls, floors, light fixtures, vents are then covered and tightly wrapped and covered so that your property is protected. The ceiling is then wetted to penetrate it.

2)   The ceiling is then scrapped

The popcorn ceiling is scrapped to make your ceiling smooth. The ceiling is wiped to remove all loose dust particles.

3)   Plastering of ceiling

Wherever necessary, the ceiling is plastered. And drywall is installed.

4)   Prime

A coat of water-based primer is added to the ceiling.

5)   Painting

Based on the customer’s choice, the ceiling is painted. Many color shades are available from which you can choose. Painting can become a messy job, with paint dripping all over the floor. So professionals are there to help you out here.

6) Clear

Once the painting is complete, all the coverings from the furniture and light fixtures are removed. The debris and garbage are collected and removed from the site. Your home is completely cleaned before handing it over to you.

Removing popcorn ceilings by yourself could become a messy affair. So it is best to talk to the professionals. They will chalk out a plan for you and understand what your needs are. Based on this, they will provide a timeline for the work to be completed. You can also choose the ceilings of your choice once the popcorn ceiling is removed. Also, there is a huge cost benefit for you to consider proceeding with this. Removing popcorn ceilings increases the value of your home.

In conclusion, when you remove your popcorn ceiling, there is a visible transformation to your home. A home is a place where memories are made. Hence it is good to invest in your property.

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