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Human beings require education as a basic and vital requirement. Every parent’s decision to provide education on time is a good one. They constantly want their children to grow up to be well-educated and well-behaved individuals. As a result, they prefer to educate their children with pre-school education, also known as Nursery Education, to equip them with a superior educational foundation. However, in today’s world, parents are concerned about their children’s futures and are looking for the greatest educational setup center (School) among the good ones. Don’t worry, the team at DPS Gurgaon will always offer you the top and greatest educational institutes based on their performance and teaching quality. There are most important schooling for a child offers with the best school in Gurgaon for nursery

Top CBSE Nursery Schools in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon 

Here are some of the top CBSE Nursery schools in Delhi NCR are listed below:

  1. Shri Ram School, Aravali

The best nursery schools in Gurgaon is known as the Shri Ram School, for better nursery education. There are four campuses at this school. The first is the Sriram Junior School in New Delhi’s Vasant Vihar neighborhood. The Senior School at Moulsari Avenue, DLF Phase III, is the second. The Sri Ram School in Aravali, DLF Phase IV, is the third, and the Sri Ram Police Public School in Bhondsi is the fourth. Parents must check The Sri Ram School’s official website daily for admission to Pravesh Vatika (Nursery).

  1.   Heritage School 

Heritage School is known as the best Nursery Schools in the area. It has a fantastic infrastructure and excellent student facilities. Heritage School has been ranked in the top ten schools in Gurgaon since 2009.

  1. Shikshantar School 

Shikshantar School is the top Gurgaon’s Nursery Schools. Its educational system is more effective since each pupil receives individual attention. Based on teaching quality and life skill education factors, this school is ranked among the top 10 Nursery schools in Gurgaon.

  1. Suncity School 

The another top 10 schools in Gurgaon is known as Suncity that offers a Nursery Course for children to receive a better education. This school provides a safe and sanitary environment. It also features a big environment with excellent educational resources.

  1. Shalom Hills 

Shalom Hills School is another excellent CBSE Nursery school in Gurgaon. Because of the quality of its teaching, amenities, and infrastructure, this is one of the top 10 Nursery Schools in Gurgaon. 

  1. Delhi Public School 

If you are searching for Gurgaon’s top Nursery Schools Delhi Public School is one which is preferred by the parents. This school becomes the first choice for parents due to the high quality of its teaching and infrastructure. Montessori are some of the Nursery Classes offered by Delhi Public School.

  1. Salwan Public School 

Another excellent nursery school in Gurgaon is Salwan Public School. The best feature of this school is that it offers a variety of educational opportunities, as well as high-quality instruction and extracurricular activities. 

  1. DAV Public School 

DAV Public School is one of Gurgaon’s most prestigious Nursery Schools. This institution has a fantastic infrastructure and offers excellent educational opportunities. This school’s professors are knowledgeable and experienced. This school has a faculty-to-student ratio of one instructor to seventeen students. 

  1. Amity International 

Amity International is one of Gurgaon’s best and most prestigious Nursery Schools. This school offers qualified teachers that provide special attention to each child. This school has a faculty ratio of 1 teacher to 17 students. 

  1. Lotus Valley International 

Lotus Valley International, located in Gurgaon, is one of the best Nursery Schools in the city. Among other Nursery Schools, this institution has the best educational facilities. This school has a faculty-to-student ratio of 1 instructor to 12 students. 

  1. Blue Bells Model School 

Blue Bells Model School first opened its doors in 1980. The main goal of this institution is to provide high-quality education to students to help them develop their personalities. Every student’s basic and vital necessity is personal development. This nursery school is one of the best in the Gurgaon area. 

  1. Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok

For Nursery admission in Gurgaon, Delhi Public School is the best and most popular choice among parents. The best aspects of this school are the quality of instruction and the school’s infrastructure. 


That concludes our list of the 12 top CBSE Schools in Delhi NCR. Admission to any of them will ensure that your child has a promising future. Visit the schools’ official websites or visit DPS Gurgaon for further information.

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