Choose the Right Equestrian Surface Based on Your Riding Discipline

Have you been a horse rider for years? Do you want to start your horse-riding arena where you train competition horses? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are talking about equestrian surfacing which is a crucial part of the arena. As you might already know that a great arena footing is crucial to enhance the performance of your horses. The right kind of surface will provide stability, grip, energy absorption, and return to the horse while running. The equestrian surface will also affect the health of your horse, mainly its legs. A wrong arena footing will result in damage to the joints and bones of your horse which will affect its running performance, confidence, and efficiency. Therefore, you must make sure that you choose the right equestrian surface for your arena.

Now, several factors will determine the type of equestrian surface you should get. One of those factors is your riding discipline. Keep reading or click here to get in touch with the best manufacturer of riding surfaces.

· Jumping: If your discipline is jumping, then you would know that it is a highly demanding riding discipline for your horse. Your horse must feel confident while takeoff and landing. Therefore, make sure to have a surface that has firm enough to give your horse the push to jump and cushioned enough for a soft landing.

· Dressage: In this discipline, the horse needs to make intricate movements and the surface must provide stability and grip. Make sure to avoid loose and deep surfacing to provide and maintain impulsion to your horse.

· Barrel racing and reining: The horse will need a surface that is neither too hard nor too soft for a perfect slide.

Equipro Surfaces is amongst the well-known manufacturers and providers of the best quality equestrian surfacing to arenas. The company will understand your riding arena surface needs and provide you with the highest quality of surfacing products. Being a family-run business, they will ensure that your arena surfacing needs are given the utmost care and attention. Based on your riding discipline, the company will provide you the right arena surface for a great footing for your horses. The surfaces are manufactured under strict and controlled conditions to provide the best results. Contact Equipro Surfaces now to know more.

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Equipro Surfaces is a reputed manufacturer of the highest quality of equestrian surfaces and PVC fencing for riding arenas.

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