How to choose the right Gynaecologist / Gynecologist

Choosing your perfect obstetrician/Gynecologist

A gynaecologist can be an important part of your journey through pregnancy. Choosing a perfect gynaecologist or an obstetrician can be a bit of a stretch but choosing a perfect gynaecologist near you is always the best choice for you and your baby. It sure does come with a lot of research and might take a lot of time. But one should always choose their best gynaecologist who makes them feel comfortable.

Here are some of the key points that you should remember while choosing the best gynecologist for your needs.

1. Finding your gynaecologist

Do your research and do it pretty hard in finding your perfect match, there is nothing wrong in being particular about your preferences. Gynaecologists are always privy to some of the most intimate and necessary parts of you such as your sexuality, body and overall health.

You can find out about your doctor with the help of the recommendation by friends, or family members or doing thorough research on the internet by reading some reviews and suggestions. The hospital’s website will give you your doctor’s medical credentials, and the details about the years of her practice. They also may highlight her particular areas of specialisation and interest.

See if your gynaecologist is also an obstetrician, if not you may have to see another doctor during the time of your delivery. An obstetrician is the only person who is qualified to deliver babies.

2. Availability Factor

As days go by it gets harder to travel far with your big baby bump. You need to schedule your appointments with your gynaecologist quite often. This is where the proximity and how easily she is available and accessible comes into play.
Keep in mind how far you need to commute for your appointments. She should not be too far from home, because when in time for your delivery you do not want to waste your hours on the road. The doctor must also be not too busy to answer your questions or any query that you ask her. A good doctor is always busy but they should not be too busy to answer your questions.

Do not refrain from knowing how your gynaecologist deals with emergency calls, non-emergency queries and how long does a routine appointment take and how long you have to wait for the next one. Also, do not forget how quickly you can be seen by the doctor if you feel unwell.

3. Money plays an important role too

How much does your gynaecologist charge? Doctor’s charges can range differently depending on what kind of appointment you are in for. Part of your decision must also be based on what and how much the doctor charges. Although the consultation charges may differ from doctor to doctor, there may not be much difference in delivery charges from one hospital to another.

If your gynaecologist is an obstetrician, find out what her delivery charges are. He/She might charge less in her clinic than he/she might charge in a big hospital, where she/he goes for consultation.
If you are insured, some insurance schemes only cover hospitalisation and will not cover the consultation fees, scans and various tests you will need to take. Keep in mind that not all insurance companies cover all hospitals. So check if your insurance policy covers the hospital in which your chosen OBGYN works in. Once you are hospitalised find out the upper limit that they will reimburse so you can choose a doctor that meets your budget.

How should your gynaecologist be?

The most common answer would be trustworthy and comforting and most importantly knowledgeable.

Shortlist your doctors and meet with them, schedule an appointment with them and decide which one you would like to stick with for the next nine months. Most mothers usually remember the doctors who helped them deliver their babies with gratitude and fondness. You need to be able to trust your gynaecologist to help you in taking the right decisions and in giving you the necessary information and advice to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.
Many prefer female gynaecologists, but keep an open mind to everything. You may also find a male gynaecologist who is understanding and helpful. Make your decision only after you met with several doctors.

Here are a few checklists to keep in mind:

  • Does your gynaecologist show interest in your questions?
  • Are they friendly and responsive?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking them personal medical questions?
  • Are they up-to-date on their knowledge?
  • Are they listening to your concerns and answering them calmly?
  • Are they gentle during their check-ups?
  • Do they care about your comfort?

Though you can choose your best gynaecologist in several different criteria and many ways, it is about you and your health and your body, so your satisfaction plays an important role in this. Do not feel bad if you chose another gynaecologist because you’re not comfortable with them. Do your research and choose wisely!

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