Choose Versatile Structures for Custom Shade Sails


Are you looking for cost-effective and minimal maintenance shades? Shade sails in Brisbane may be the right choice for you. Versatile Structures can customise those for domestic and commercial applications.


Commercial shade sails provide UVR production and effective shading to any outdoor space, making them suitable for many applications, such as council parks, sports clubs, and playgrounds. They are also popular installations for commercial establishments as they help transform and improve properties and add value. As such, they are considered assets and investments.


What kinds of shade sails are available?


When it comes to shade sails in Brisbane, the options will depend on the supplier and installer, so be sure to choose the right company. Versatile Structures offers a diverse range of solutions. If you’re unsure what to choose, you can contact a specialist for advice or enquiries about custom designs. They will work closely with you to ensure the best products that can meet your aesthetic and functional requirements while offering sufficient protection and cover. Here is an overview of the types of shade sails available:


Waterproof shade sails


Standard commercial shade sails protect from light rain. If you need something sturdier, Versatile Structures can customise these shade sails to be leak-proof, completely waterproof and able to withstand torrential downpours and severe weather. These customised shade sails are self-cleaning with rainwater, making them easier to maintain with minimal effort on your part.




Do you need flexible custom shade sails in Brisbane? Versatile Structures offers retractable shades that manually or electronically close or open. These solutions allow you to use outdoor areas year-round, making them perfect for al fresco dining areas and lounging spaces at hotels, resorts, restaurants, and cafes.


Fixed shades


Do you need fixed commercial shade sails that can span greater distances without support structures? Versatile Structures can supply and install these for car parks, grandstands, swimming pools, and other places.


Custom shades


Versatile Structures will work with you to create custom shade sails in Brisbane. A draughtsperson will conduct a site inspection to consider your location and requirements and design the shade, and an installation team will install the posts accurately.


About the Company:

Versatile Structures— an award-winning industry leader in quality and durable custom shade designs for the commercial, industrial, and domestic sectors— specialise in Shade Sails, Shade Structures, Umbrellas, Polycarbonate Roofing, Insulated Roofing, Awnings, and Blinds. Their end-to-end design, construction, management, and installation service covers all areas of the project, from functionality consideration, initial design concepts, site-specific requirements and shading efficiencies, wind regions, engineering, building approvals, and structurally sound installations, as well as the commissioning of electrical aspects.

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