Choosing a Photo for Personalized Portrait? Consider These Two Factors!

Have you decided to gift your loved one a personalized portrait using a personal photo? If yes, you will agree that a customized portrait from photo is an excellent gift idea. You will certainly stand out in the crowd of people who will also gift something to your loved ones. Now, since, customized painting is such a special gift, you must make sure that you choose the right photo.

Yes, that’s right! The type of photo you choose for the customized portrait must be the right kind. The better the input, the better outcome you will get. If you ask any portrait painter, you will most likely get the same answer that you must give the right photo for getting excellent results.

So, in this article, we will tell you the two important factors that you must consider while choosing a photo for customized portrait painting.

Quality of the photo

Choose a photo that is of high-quality. This means that your image must have clear focus and a greater number of pixels. This will show more details to the painter and bring out the best effect in the customized portrait painting.

Hence, make sure to check the file size, focus, lighting, and contrast. Once you have determined that everything is perfect, you can choose that photo for the customized portrait painting.

Composition and pose

The customized portrait painting will depict the personality and the other elements of the person in the photo. Hence, choose a photo that shows these elements perfectly to get the best painting.

This will allow the painter to grasp the emotions effectively and show them in the painting.

Once you have chosen a photo, you can contact Ruebens Portraits, a leading art studio that creates the finest personalized painting from photo for its customers.

Started in 2007, this art studio has created an excellent quality of customized paintings from photos for many customers worldwide. They have a team of skilled and experienced portrait artists who will capture the right effects from the photo and paint them in the portraits. Whether you are giving the portrait painting to a child, an adult, or an elderly relative, Ruebens Portraits will ensure that the painting helps you create a great impression. So, choose the right photo and get in touch with Ruebens Portraits now.

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Ruebens Portraits is a leading art studio that creates the highest quality of oil painting portrait from a photo.

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