Choosing the Best Rehab -12 Tips for Finding the Right Facility

There are several types of rehab centers that it’s hard to pick a facility for your addiction recovery. If you’re ready to take this step, though, this guide will help you figure out what factors you must consider. Go over the list before you enroll in a program.

Calculate the Cost

How much will it cost you? Treatment isn’t cheap, considering that rehab often requires long-term assistance. However, you can save on costs by checking if the recovery center works with your insurance provider.

Check Services

Not all Arizona rehab centers offer detox, dual diagnosis treatment, or even inpatient care. Consider what you need and base your choice on that information. Did your counselor or doctor recommend inpatient treatment? What about specialized care like dual diagnosis treatment?

Ask About the Program

What methods will they use? This usually includes counseling—individual and group sessions. Some also offer holistic treatment and aftercare.

Know How Long

Some programs last for a few days while others run for months or even half a year. Addiction affects people differently, so you’ll need to consult a therapist to find out how long the problem should be for you.

Look for Extended Care

Choose a facility that offers extended care. Meaning, if your program is done but you don’t feel ready to step out of rehab, the facility will still allow you to stay.

Determine Treatment Goals

Some facilities focus on helping patients get through detox. Others focus on helping patients achieve long-term sobriety. Find out if the facility’s goals are aligned with yours before you enroll in a program.

Take a Tour

Check out the amenities. Is the facility well-maintained? Many rehab centers offer virtual tours, so take advantage of that.

Consider the Location

Depending on the treatment you need, figure out if you should pick a facility that’s near enough for your sessions. However, if you want to protect your privacy, something a bit farther from where you live may be a better option.

Observe the Environment

Choose a facility that offers a supportive environment for your recovery. Look at the way the staff interacts with the patients. That’s one way to find out if you’re choosing the right rehab center.

Talk About the Care Plan

The best facilities provide a customized care plan. That is, they’re adjusted to address the needs of every patient. A recovery center that only uses the same care plan for everyone will only hinder your progress.

Bring Up Family Support

Not all facilities encourage the participation of loved ones in counseling. Good rehab centers, though, recognize that support from loved ones improves the rate of recovery. That’s why they encourage patients to attend counseling with friends and family. For some, it’s one way for them to mend their fences and try to fix what addiction once broke.

Go Over the Process

Check the admissions process to know the requirements. What do you need to get done before you enter rehab? If you need help as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to start looking for the rehab facility that’s right for you.

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