Driving a car or a van is one of the pleasing and relaxed feelings that anyone can have. While driving, not only you feel freedom but also get that extra space from the busy life. Hence, you live in the moment! For utmost comfort, it is important to include all the accessories in the vehicle. Seat covers are the ideal and standard accessories that most vehicle owners prefer, however it is not a necessity. But it is always good to have a comfortable drive so that you do not get tired even after a long drive.

Race Van & Car Accessories is an Australian company, which has rich experience in offering standard and customise seat covers for all types of vehicles and machinery. Different types of seat covers are available to buy online for all the Australian vehicles – old models as well as new models. The range of ready-to-use seat covers is enough to fit most popular vehicles. However, you can also get a custom fit pack of seat covers from the company. The custom made collection available with the company is made-to-fit most of the makes and models of vehicles & machinery present in the Australian market. Whatever you choose – a custom fit or a universal fit – you are assured to get a plethora of options in terms of material of construction.

There are different types of materials used to make seat cover fittings. Depending on its quality and sheen, you can choose the ideal one for your vehicle. Canvas and Vinyl (having a leather-look) are the two main materials used to make these covers for all Australian vehicles – from buses to forklifts and all vehicles in between. Apart from these, wet seat neoprene and sheepskin are also used in their manufacturing.

Standard and customised seat covers are very useful for providing protection from spills and other types of damages. This is very important in ensuring a better resale value for your vehicle. For instance, when you are ready to trade your old car for a newer model, then the fresh look of your seats will add extra value to its overall cost.


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