Choosing the right file security solution is highly essential

File security is a major buzzword in today’s day and age. This is quite natural, considering the fact that leading global corporations prize confidential data more than anything else today. Data is the key differentiator amongst businesses in almost all sectors along with being an enabler towards new business, customers and of course, future growth opportunities and prospects. With the advent of machine learning and other artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions, the need for safeguarding company data has become even more important in recent times. Several large entities have often found their data security measures compromised by hackers who have proliferated worldwide these days for diverse and vested interests.

Combating hacking and file theft along with strong data encryption are key requirements for most corporations and business conglomerates today. The need expands with company expansion as well, i.e. the more you grow, the more you will need to emphasize on security and safety measures for files and all vital data. Fasoo is the best possible solution in this regard, offering total security for unstructured data along with complete privacy of necessary information and a one-stop enterprise content platform which helps in safeguarding, controlling, analyzing, tracing and sharing vital business data in a secure manner while boosting overall productivity greatly as well. Fasoo has continually emphasized on customer driven innovation and creativity for ensuring market-outstripping solutions towards common challenges that plague entities of diverse sizes and in multiple business sectors as well.

The company has provided safety and protection for intellectual property and data to more than 2,000 organizations and is trusted by millions of secure users spanning more than 50 countries. Its next generation data management and security solutions encompass several aspects while offering ample scope for tackling wide-changing requirements of enterprises. It has more than 20 years of focusing on EDRM under its belt and its solutions have been time-tested in terms of scalability within big enterprise environments worldwide. The solutions also come with flexible architecture that is tailored for covering the entire lifecycle of documents along with multi-device and cross-platform compatibility for covering a higher range of applications and innovative optimization and methodologies for defining security policies.

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