Choosing The Right Motorised Shades For Your Home – What To Look For

When it comes to motorized shades, the name itself seems to put homeowners off as they think such shades are too bulky and will have a negative impact on the aesthetic value of their homes. Others think they look too bland. In reality, however, motorized shades can be installed seamlessly in your home. They combine elegance with practicality and can bring a modern, cosmopolitan vibe to the place. But how can you tell which motorized shades are right for you?

Types of fabric for motorized shades

Your choice will depend on where you want to place and use your blinds. For instance, you can install opaque, black blinds in your bedroom if you want to keep the sunlight from waking you up before you’re ready. Go with cream-coloured, translucent fabrics if you want to reduce glare in your living room without totally blocking out the sunlight. Here are the types of fabric you can use for your motorized shades:

  1. Dark fabrics

If your interior is arranged in such a way that the sun shines through your window and on the television, glare will be unavoidable. Moving your appliances or your window is out of the option. The more convenient choice is to install a motorized blind that can lower a dark-coloured fabric to block out the sunlight. Blackout fabrics such as these can also be used for your home theatre to ward off external light that will disrupt your viewing experience.

  1. Thermal window shade fabrics

The downside of using dark fabrics to block out the sun is that such fabrics will absorb the heat from sunlight. Some homeowners may also not like their interiors to be too dark. You can use what is called thermal window shades. This type of window shade fabric blocks sunlight by making it bounce off its highly-reflective surface. Thermal window shades are more energy-efficient since they also fend off solar radiation, which means your home will absorb less heat. If certain hallways or entryways in your home receive sunlight too often, you can protect them and your furniture from bleaching or UV damage.

  1. See-through fabric

Suppose you have wide window panels adjacent to each other that let you have a panoramic view of the outside. If you want to preserve the view while reducing the glare and solar radiation coming from the sun, see-through fabric is the best choice for your motorized shades. Because these blinds are transparent, they will still preserve your panoramic view of the landscape. 

Styles of motorized shades fabric

In addition to the nature of the material that you will use, you also need to consider the patterns or external art designs of your fabric. If you’re into single-colour styles only, you can choose a colour that blends well with your wall and ceiling paint colours. For pastel-coloured walls, fabric colours that are a brighter shade of that colour could work.

There are also other designs you can try, such as honeycomb, roller, Roman, or traditional drapery. Traditional drapery can be your starting point or last resort if you have run out of ideas for your home.

You can combine shade styles and types

Today’s motorized shades can be outfitted with two kinds of fabric at one time. This lets you have a choice of blinds when you press the shades’ button. For example, you can install a blackout motorized fabric and a see-through fabric in one motorized roller. When you’re away, you can let down the dark-coloured fabric to protect your home’s privacy. You can also consider letting a professional make customized fabric for you.

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