At the moment you could ship all your parcels in standard size packaging, such as the always useful cardboard box. The use of a cardboard box for packing the goods is ideal for most people. They are fast and easy to use and it is often possible to have the goods packed and ready for shipment in a few minutes.

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Most companies operate in the manner described above to ship their products to customers. However, the use of standard size “standard” boxes could actually result in high long-term costs if you ship a high volume of parcels via a courier, as I will explain later.

The reason for this is that while you can buy standard size cardboard cube boxes very easily, very few companies make “standard” size products. So in many cases the fact that your items fit in the box doesn’t mean it’s the best box for the job!

First, if the box is large enough to fit what you’re sending us, you may end up with more damage to the parcels in transit than you want. This may be due to not having enough space in the box for suitable packaging materials.

If the cardboard box is too large, you may be spending too much on packing materials to fill it. Packaging materials can be expensive and therefore you may spend more than you need on packaging.

Finally, a cardboard box larger than it could be could cost you dearly with your courier (especially if you ship via airmail) as some couriers now charge from a price matrix that takes into account the size of the parcels, as well as its weight

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