Choosing the Right Puppy Play Pen for Your Furry Friend

Several solutions are on the market for confined spaces to keep puppies safe and secure. Crates and pens are widely known, although not many dogs enjoy them. A crate is not very spacious and is aimed only at keeping the dog inside, especially when it is in a new territory or has undergone surgery. A puppy play pen is different from this point of view, being more spacious and offering pups much more room to play. There are different sizes available, with various features and materials, so you can undoubtedly find the right one.

You can use a pet pen in many situations, and it comes in handy when you bring a pup into your home and want to keep a better eye on it until it adapts to the new home. While inside the pen, it has room to roam around and access food, water, and toys. If you have other pets or small children in the house, your furry friend needs to adapt gradually, and it is best to keep it safe from others. If you have a backyard or a garden and you don’t want the pup to escape, place the pen outside and solve the issue.

Finding the Right Size for a Puppy Play Pen

Finding the right size for the puppy play pen is crucial. Your furry companion must fit inside comfortably, along with other accessories you place. How large is your dog, or how much will it grow? If you want to use the pen for several years ahead, purchase a model that your pup will not outgrow. Where will you place the pen? Do you have enough room inside the house? This is an important aspect to consider as well because the last thing you want is to purchase one that you will not be able to use.

What is your dog’s temperament? Some pups are chill and don’t mind staying in one place, while others are more active and live to explore and make their way through every corner of the house. If you fear your pup will jump out of the pen, an enclosed one is a good idea. It is an excellent way to keep an eye on it and have peace of mind that your furry friend will not become an escape artist. Luckily, pens are designed from sturdy materials, even if your pup likes to chew everything.

Are you planning to place the pen inside or outside the house? This aspect matters since it will determine the type of materials you will need to focus on. If you put the pen indoors, you want to add a mat to it in case of accidents occur. Puppies are not great at holding it in, and they relieve themselves whenever they have the chance. Placing a mat and some training pads eliminates the issue of cleaning around the floor and the carpets. Food and water spills are also prevented. If the pet pen is outside, consider a covered model to protect the little one from the sun.

The Benefits of a Pet Pen

Getting a pet pen is beneficial from many points of view. They keep the little one inside, safe, for your peace of mind. Puppies get in trouble by nature, and sometimes you are unable to keep an eye on them. Maybe you need to go to school, your job, have errands to run, and your pup chews the wrong things or puts itself in danger. When you think about it, the pen also assures their safety.

Once they get used to the confined space, they feel comfortable inside, get some rest, play, and consider it as a safe space. Outside, you can use a pen to protect the grounds and your flowers. Your companion will be unable to dig the soil. However, you can create a digging pit and place the pen there to encourage natural behavior. Some dogs dig because it is in their natural behavior, and keeping them away from it is unhealthy.


If you travel somewhere and want to bring the pup along, carry the pet pen as well. It is the best option to avoid worrying about your friend’s carpets and furniture. You can avoid expensive bills at hotels if the pup pees on the floors or chews something. Pups like routines; if they are familiar with the pen, they will gladly sit inside it and feel comfortable wherever they go.

Aside from the puppy play pen, you can buy various accessories to enhance the utility. One example is the waterproof liner. In case of accidents or water bowl spillage, you can protect the floors in the best way possible. The idea is to offer a comfortable ambiance for your furry companion, not only keep it in a confined space.

Puppy play pen or crate

There are differences between a puppy play pen and a crate. If you already have a crate, you might think there is no need to buy another product. However, they are both useful in different situations. Crates are smaller and more enclosed. A pen has panels you can connect together to extend the space. Pups are active and require space to run, play, and explore. They are mischiefs by nature and highly adorable.

Crates being restrictive don’t appeal much to puppies. While you can take your time to teach them that the space is safe and secure, not many enjoy staying inside. On the other hand, a pet pen is regarded as friendlier and more attractive. You can place their favorite toys inside, blankets, so they consider the space and extended version of their home. Once the pup grows, you can buy more panels and make the enclosure more spacious.

Which Is the Best Pet Pen

It all comes down to your pup’s breed, traveling needs, and where you will place the pen, if inside or outside the house. At pet shops, you will find some of the best models, versatile, durable, and ideal for your needs.

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