Choosing the Right Type of Wood for Your Outdoor Bench

A quick and easy way to add some aesthetic appeal to an outdoor space is through some functional seating with an outdoor bench. These come in many materials, including steel and plastic, but wooden benches are often the preferred choice due to them being both versatile and durable. In addition to this, wooden benches can often add a more inviting, homely appeal to an outdoor space. In some cases, a homeowner may opt for a dining bench in Singapore if they want to creatively incorporate their outdoor space into their living environment. There are many types of wood used for these purposes, and this article will cover the pros and cons of the most popular ones.


Oakwood Outdoor Benches


As it is strong and durable, oak is a popular choice of wood used in crafting outdoor benches in Singapore. Being a hardwood that is resistant to decay, insect infestation, warping, and weather damage, it is a strong candidate for outdoor furniture. Furthermore, it has a distinctive look that comes from the visible wavy grain of the wood, making it an excellent aesthetic choice.


However, the high durability of oak furniture stems from its density, which also means that it is very heavy. Due to this, it may be difficult to adjust the position of oakwood outdoor benches, so they have to be carefully placed to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Additionally, using oakwood furniture outdoors without the proper application of a finishing coat can result in the wood cracking after prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight. Choosing a reliable furniture company can help you overcome this issue.


Teak Outdoor Benches


Teak is also a popular choice among crafters of outdoor benches in Singapore. Similar to oak, it is a hardwood, meaning that it resists decay, does not warp in shape, and is not not prone to damage by insects. Teak is also known to contain natural oils that make it moisture-resistant, which makes teakwood outdoor benches an ideal choice in areas that experience high humidity. 


While teak outdoor benches can prove to be durable and long lasting, teak tends to be more expensive than other types of wood, as it takes longer to grow. However, the high durability of teak means that you won’t have to spend on a replacement too soon.


Pinewood Outdoor Benches


Pinewood is another common material used in making outdoor benches. However, unlike the two hardwood options above, pine is a softwood. This means that it is easier to craft and can be used to make more elegant shapes, ideal for homeowners seeking a particular aesthetic. Its lighter colour also allows it to be stained or painted easily, and its relatively low weight allows it to be moved from place to place without much effort. To top it off, pine is a fast-growing wood that is widely available, so pine furniture tends to be cheaper than other options.


On the other hand, while pine is a durable wood, its soft nature leaves it vulnerable to nicks and dents, which is a considerable issue when it comes to outdoor benches. It also requires regular maintenance, especially when exposed to the weather, which makes pine furniture more suited for semi-shaded areas like the porch.


Outdoor Benches by Originals Pte Ltd


Choosing the type of wood for your outdoor bench in Singapore involves more than just considering your space and budget. As mentioned, you’ll need to think about how your outdoor bench will fit in functionally and aesthetically with your space.


Offering a wide range of tasteful wooden outdoor benches and dining benches in Singapore, Originals Pte Ltd can help you make this important decision. With options that offer both dark and light shades of wood finish, as well as different types of wood to suit your purpose, Originals focuses on the final feel of the furniture within its user’s lifestyle.


Browse through their catalogue that ranges from traditional Javanese pieces to modern, utilitarian designs, and you’ll easily be able to spot the next addition to your furniture collection.

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