Choosing Valentine’s Day Flowers


Valentine’s Day is the one holiday when everyone will be looking forward to receiving beautiful blooms from their loved ones. But, choosing the right Valentine’s flower is not an easy task. You have to put in a little effort and research to find the best Valentine’s Day flowers for your sweetheart. To help you choose the prettiest blooms this Valentine’s Day, the best florist in London Ontario has listed a few things to consider.

Ensure the Flowers You Choose Are Fresh

Would you give your loved ones chocolates that have passed their expiry date? Definitely no! Then you must select flowers that are fresh and top quality. Choose a reputable florist that’s busy enough to have new stock arriving every day. Most of the florists offer same-day flower delivery in London Ontario, but Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year. You’d be wise to order ahead, and be assured that your flowers are delivered fresh at the destination on the right day.

The Flowers You Choose Must Last

Flowers are the symbol of love, and they express your thoughts and wishes. If you are sending flowers that will wither or droop by the next day, it will be upsetting. So, while choosing the flowers, check with your florist from one of the leading flower shops in London Ontario, to make sure that they are following all the necessary steps to keep your flowers fresh for longer. To ensure longevity, make sure to mix the flower food solution correctly. It helps to trim the bottom of the stems with a sharp knife and set them in a squeaky clean vase.

Be Bold and Choose Different Options

A bouquet of red roses is a classical Valentine’s Day gift to your loved one. Why not show your creativity, imagination, and unique thought by choosing different flowers like lilies, orchids, sunflowers, tulips, peonies, and more in different colours and fragrances? You can also try to find her favourite flowers beforehand and send them to her to put a wide smile on her face that will never fade. Or think about her favourite colours and flavours, and ask your florist to create a floral arrangement that reflects her character.

Watch Out for Flowers that Cause Allergies

Is your loved one allergic to flower pollen? If yes, try to avoid flowers such as hyacinths, chrysanthemums and lilies that could have them sneezing. You want them to smile throughout the day. Instead of flowers with lots of pollen, you can choose others such as hydrangea, tulips, iris and carnations.

Custom Floral Arrangement

Nothing says love better than a customized gift designed exclusively for him or her. Talk with your florist to choose the best floral options that reflect their unique style and personality. Don’t forget a personal message and some chcolates!

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