Christian Therapy Houma

There is a life that God has intended for you. A life of hope, joy, peace, fruitfulness, and much more. But, fear of the unknown, hurt from your past, and the present storms can weigh you down and deprive you of every good thing God has in store for you.

Nevertheless, it’s okay to get overwhelmed when life throws issues at you. Issues such as loss of a job, loved ones, financial or health problems, or even relationship hurdles. However, remaining in such situations should never be an option. Hence the need for Christian counseling therapy.

You should understand that these issues do not define you. The word of God does. And God will neither give up on you nor leave you. But because we understand the importance of having someone walk you through the situation of life, we are here to support you through your journey.

Therefore, if you live within the city of Houma and you need Christian counseling therapy, Eloise Collins is here for you.

Why Christian Therapy?

You might be wondering, ‘why Christian counseling therapy’? Other counseling therapy sessions do appeal to people’s situations. There’s the psychology therapy, emotional therapy, financial therapy, and a host of other therapy sessions people go through.

However, Christian counseling therapy covers all. We help you see yourself from God’s perspective. Understanding who God says you are and learning how to adjust to his will and not yours can help you live a better life.

Christian counseling uses psychology principles with your faith to help you get over whatever life situation you may be going through. The ultimate aim of Christian counseling therapy is to help individuals live a much better and God intended life.

Life’s battles start and end with the mind. The moment you realize that you’ll no longer see any life situation as a stumbling block. We show you the possibilities in God’s word and how you ought to think and live your life. We also help you understand that the word of God is the only truth that should guide your life.

Where to get Christian counseling therapy?

Here is one thing not many people are aware of. Counselors are trained, even Christian counselors. Yes! Christian counseling or not, trust me, you wouldn’t want to speak with someone who may end up judging you.

As such, if you live within Houma, and you need a Christian-based therapist to help you with whatever you may be going through. We at Eloise Collins are willing to help you become the best version of yourself. Come as you are. We understand that no one is perfect. So do not let your past be a hindrance to your future.


It’s been proven that counseling therapy has a way of easing people’s burdens. However, beyond reducing these burdens, let us show you a better and more productive way to live your life. If you need professional Christian counseling therapy, whether online or one-on-one, we’re just a call away.

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