Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia And Other Movies You Might Not Know Are Remakes

Nowadays, Hollywood is picking successful movies from other countries and making those movies as a fresh and new movie by adding new content to it. They cast very famous and popular actors for these films to make it easy for people to believe in the story. In this way, People also do not waste their time in searching for the details of the actors involved in these remakes. However, sometimes these remakes result in a miss-hit and sometimes even a bigger hit.

Here are some of the movies that you might not know are remakes.

Insomnia – 2002 (Insomnia – 1997)

Insomnia is a famous thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2002. The popular Hollywood actor Al Pacino plays the role of Detective Will Dormer in this film. According to the story of the movie, a teenage girl was murdered in an Alaskan fishing village, and detective Will had to visit the village to solve the case. This film is based on the Norwegian movie of the same name, which was released in 1997. In the film Insomnia – 1997, Stellan Skarsgard played the role of a detective who was making efforts to escape from his past in the Arctic. Both of these movies are similar to each other, but still, Christopher Nolan tried his best to make a difference out of these films.

The Departed – 2006 (Internal Affairs – 2002)

The Departed is a crime genre movie of Hollywood. It was directed by Martin Scorsese and released in 2006. It is the story of corruption and crime in the city of Boston. This film is identical to the Hong Kong Police-based film Internal Affairs, which was released in 2002. The plot of both movies is the same. In both of the movies, an undercover cop tries to get into a criminal organization, and an unknown gang member tries to infiltrate the police department. However, the original film was not able to serve justice in the end, but the remake, The Departed, has shown this in the film.

Scent Of A Woman – 1992 (Profumo Di Donna – 1974)

Scent of a Woman is a famous movie released in 1992, and it is a remake of the Italian film Profumo Di Donna which was released in 1974. The story-line of both films are identical to each other except some plots which are different from the original movie. In the Italian film, a young man is hired to escort a retired military officer who is blind and tries to commit suicide again and again. However, in the film Scent of a Woman, the famous actor Al Pacino was cast, and he was also awarded the best actor award for this film. He is playing the role of O’Donnell’s in this film. This story is about a prank at Al Pacino’s prep school.

The Birdcage – 1996 (La Cage Aux Folles – 1978)

The Birdcage was one of the most comedy films ever in Hollywood. It was directed by Mike Nichols and released in 1996. The movie is famous for the hilarious pair of Robin Williams as Armand and Nathan Lane as Albert. This film is a remake of the Italian film, La Cage Aux Folles, which was released in 1978. It is a tale of a gay couple who is acting as a traditional family in front of the parents of their son’s fiancée.

The Thing – 1982 (The Thing From Another World – 1951)

The Thing is a Sci-Fi and horror film in Hollywood. It was directed by John Carpenter and released in 1982. This film is a remake of 1951’s The Thing From Another World. Both of the films possess different stories other than this plot, where an alien hunts a group of scientists at an unknown location.

Christopher Nolan is known for delivering a fantastic story coupled with strong acting by the cast that grabs a viewer’s attention. These movie adaptations are quite interesting and will make you see the story from a different perspective.

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