Chronic Pain Conditions that Can Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy

If you have chronic pain, one of the treatments that you might be considering is stem cell therapy. This form of treatment has come a long way since it was first discovered. Today, it is one of the common forms of treatment for chronic pain. Let’s go ahead and break down some of the common instances where you might choose to pursue stem cell therapy.

1. For Back Pain

One of the reasons to see a back pain doctor Edgewater NJ is because you have back pain that doesn’t quite seem to go away. Depending on the nature and source of your back pain, this may or may not be a good choice. For this reason, you should consult with a pain doctor first about whether or not this is a good option.

2. Knee Pain

If you need knee pain treatment Bordentown NJ, then stem cell treatment might be one of the ideas that are presented to you. This type of pain can be very difficult to deal with since it impacts almost any sort of daily activity that you will do. Stem cell therapy has helped many people with chronic knee pain in the past.

3. Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common reasons that people will get stem cell therapy. This is a condition where one or more of your joints become decayed and swell up. Stem cells are a great way to regenerate the broken and damaged tissue causing your pain.

4. Pulled Tendons & Muscles

Pulling tendons and muscles will normally be able to heal on their own. However, stem cell therapy is a very common treatment for those who have pulled tendons and muscles that are not recovering as expected. The stem cells will replace the damaged and destroyed cells in your tendons and muscles.

5. Injured Nerves

Having injured nerves can cause the sufferer to feel numb, weak, and so on. Although nerve damage will often go away on its own, there are also instances where it doesn’t go away entirely. Stem cell therapy is a great way to help get this condition under control.

Considering Stem Cell Therapy Sometime Soon?

If you want to get stem cell therapy in Bordentown NJ, then consider coming in to see us here at Performance Pain. We can help you determine what is causing your chronic pain and advise as to whether or not stem cell therapy is the best choice during your initial free consultation.

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