Civilization 6: What is the Easiest Victory Condition

The popular turn-on strategy video game, Civilization 6 is developed by Firaxis Games and was released in November 2019. The game becomes an overnight sensation due to its unique playing objective and mesmerizing game fun. In post-March, the Firaxis Games has collaborated with the Epic Games, and now they are offering Civilization 6 to play for free.

Thus, now several new gamers have started playing Civilization 6. The amateur gamers are busy in exploring the astonishing world of Civilization 6. Most of them are unaware of the victory aspect of this game, most likely several of our readers are also not familiar with Victory Condition in Civilization 6. The uniqueness of this game has comprised it with six possible victory conditions such as ScoreReligionDominationCulture, and Science.

The sixth condition was added to the game through an expansion of Gathering Storm. The sixth victory condition is known as Diplomacy and is considered as one of the easiest one to accomplish. In the following blog, we are going to help the gamers to know about the easiest victory in Civilization 6. Below we have provided a proper workaround that will specifically be going to illustrate the gamers what is the easiest victory in Civilization 6 for new and veteran gamers.

Easiest Victory for Veteran Gamers

Although, the real fun of playing Civilization 6 is to mark the victory in it with all six possible victories. We are pretty sure that most of the veteran gamers have already accomplished all of them. However, still, we are going to discuss here the easiest victory in Civilization 6 for the veteran gamers, and it is the victory of Domination.

The gamers who are keen to attain victory through Domination should conquer all the other civilization capitals of the whole world. The gamers have to focus upon their military alongside Casus Belli. However, the support of the citizens is also quite necessary in Civilization 6, and when the gamers intended them to start a war, they might get unhappy.

The fear of losing lives and the homes will make them sad or even against the gamers, so it is necessary to build houses, entertaining places for the citizens to gain their support. The gamers again need to have the experience of handling the military alongside Casus Belli; this is the prime reason why veteran gamers can only accomplish this victory aspect.

Easiest Victory for New Gamers

The easiest victory that new gamers can accomplish in Civilization 6 is the victory of Science. The gamers have to perform three scientific achievements, and below we have written about all of them.

  • The gamers have to make a Martian Colony.
  • The players have to make a space shuttle and send their man on the Moon. Once the man successfully landed in the Moon, then the task will be completed.
  • The gamers have to launch a specific Satellite for their city.

Players have to be innovative to accomplish all these three scientific tasks. Still, if they completed all of them, then they will successfully mark a victory in Civilization 6 through Science Victory. However, if the gamers are playing through the expansion of Gathering Storm, then they have to accomplish other three scientific achievements. Below we have written about all of them.

  • The gamers have to launch a specific Exoplanet Voyage.
  • The players have to reach the Exoplanet.
  • The gamers have to establish a Martian Colony.

The amateur gamers first need to find out whether they are playing through Gathering Storm expansion or not. If they do, then they have to accomplish these three milestones to gain victory in the game through the Science victory aspect.


Civilization 6 is one of the leading and most popular games of 2019. However still now the game is available for free at the Epic Games Store. The initiative led by Firaxis Games is not understood by anyone why they have set their game for free. The victory is one of the most popular aspects of Civilization 6. In this article, we have briefed about the easiest victory that experienced, and new gamers can accomplish.

The gamers who are willing to obtain the gaming experience of Civilization 6 should start playing it on PS4Xbox OnePCNintendo SwitchLinux, and iOS devices.


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