Classification and effectiveness of the anti-glare mirror

Mirror against glare is a type of mirror for watches, divided into single-layer anti-glare glass and a mirror with a double anti-glare glass. Simply put, an anti-reflective mirror is a multi-layer coating on a lens film that makes it lens-bound to prevent pulmonary refraction, similar to automotive insulation paper, also known as multi-layer film or colored clothing, commonly used in professional aviation , a dive-watch or a very large mirrored surface of the table.

1.> Mirror effect against glare

Many sapphire crystal mirrors have anti-slip multilayer coatings on both sides to avoid refraction when light is received. For example, double-sided multi-layer sapphire crystal, specially developed by Breitling replica watches, scatters light, especially in direct sunlight. Give the full game to function so that the user in the hot sun could still read clearly, without bias. This lens with a coating will produce an effect against glare, less reflected light, natural light is very good, transmitting light up to 99%.

2.> Classification of mirrors against glare

Mirror against the mirror is divided into double glazing and single-glazed glazing, the difference is that the first one is the internal and external coating on both sides of the lens fake rolex, which is covered only inside the glass, the effect of a slight difference between the two

3.> Recognition of mirrors against glare

The easiest way to distinguish is to reflect the slope, the effect of the film’s effect will result in the appearance of colored light (for example, in the same lens spectacles)

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