Classroom Philosophy – Handprints

Handprints Culture of Kindness has been established as a core pillar of our curriculum, providing every child with the opportunity to make a positive difference in their community. Wentworth Point Preschool


Use Kind Words and we speak to each other in the way we would like to be spoken to and this includes educators and children.

We Are Patient with the children as they learn this and when given the opportunity, we always promote kindness.

Live By The Motto “I’ll play with you” as we understand that not all children are friends, but we believe in teaching all children kindness to each other and inclusion of each other. Wentworth Point Childcare

Are Diverse and embrace individuality. Children are known to override their emerging skills in developing emotional regulation and kindness, when faced with a choice between familiar and unfamiliar. Therefore, by being diverse we will offer children a world where less is unfamiliar.

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