Cleaning Pool Algae is Hassle-Free with Robotic Pool Cleaners


Help – the pool is green. This is one of the common pool problems that every pool owner encounters. It’s common for swimming pools to turn green, and you’re annoyed by looking at a cloudy and green pool. The degree of the cleanliness of a pool depends on how long you have let the bacteria and algae to thrive. Having a green pool is not stressful, but also it takes a lot of effort and time to clean. Sometimes, it can turn into a costly affair, especially if you have to hire a pool cleaning service. Pool cleaners such as maytronics dolphin m600 or maytronics m500 or dolphin would be your best option to take out the hassle of cleaning your cloudy and green pool.

So, What Makes The Pool Turn Green?

A lot of factors causes green pool, including:-

Uncleaned Filters

Filter systems play a crucial role in helping keep the pool crystal clear and looking good. The filter should always be clear of moulds. If not, filters won’t do their job properly. If the filter is clogged, it can turn into a breeding ground for fungus, algae, moulds, and bacteria. All these can change the colour of your pool into green and cloudy in due course. Hence, it’s important to check, scrub, and clean the filters regularly.

Lack of Chlorine

An inadequate amount of chlorine in the pool can result in a green pool. It’s no wonder chlorine is the most important chemical to disinfect pool from contaminants and germs. If your pool lacks the right amount of chlorine, you’re inviting algae.

Low PH Level

This is one of the major causes of the pool turning green. When the PH level in water is not right, it will allow bacteria to proliferate, resulting in discolouration. If the PH level is too low, it will not support eliminating bacteria, and chlorine will no longer work effectively.

Cleaning With Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners can pick up anything from leaves to algae. Yes, it’s worth investing in robotic cleaners as they make cleaning and maintaining the pool hassle-free. All you need to do is let a robotic pool cleaner run around the pool on a daily basis, and they can scrub them off with less of your effort.

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