Cleaning windows: the commandments of the experts

Always start with the frames

Sometimes when we want to make our windows shiny, we only pay attention to the glass. However, good window cleaning always starts with the frames. Our recommendation is never to leave them for the end. If we do, we can get the windows we just cleaned dirty and we will have to return to the starting point.

Now that we are clear that the first step to cleaning our windows is to start with the frames, another question arises: what products are the most suitable? The answer will depend, as always, on the material from which they are made. If we have aluminum frames, it is best to use detergent dissolved in hot water. For those made of wood, a cloth dipped in cold water will suffice to achieve a good result.

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Some tricks to clean your windows

Have you already left the nickel-plated frames? Then comes the most important moment: cleaning the windows. Our advice is to always use specific glass cleaner products that we can easily find in any supermarket. Generic soap or homemade products made from vinegar do not guarantee a good result and opting for them can be counterproductive in the long run.

To clean the window panes, we will always need two buckets: one for cleaning and the other for rinsing (although if you use a sprayer, a bucket to rinse the sponge will suffice). And here comes one of the keys to perfect crystals: change the water in the buckets frequently. Otherwise, all you will do is spread the dirt and lengthen the cleaning time considerably. Also, remember that windows should always be cleaned from top to bottom to prevent water from dripping and dirtying the already cleaned part. For drying, a soft cloth or microfiber cloth are good options.

Clean windows inside … and outside too

It is of little use to have clean windows on the inside if the outside does not fit. The part outside the windows is one of the most difficult and risky areas to clean, especially if you live on a busy street or if you are respectful of heights. In these cases, it is always preferable to avoid unnecessary scares by hiring a cleaning professional who has the necessary tools to carry out this task safely.

Companies use different methods for cleaning exterior windows: lifting platforms, gondolas, lifting techniques with harnesses … It all depends on how accessible the area to be cleaned is. One of the most effective and safe is pole cleaning, a device that reaches 20 meters in height and uses ionized water to make your crystals sparkle without causing damage to the environment.

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