Clearfork Academy: Providing Clinically Proven Treatments to Teens for Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction is a major problem that has ruined the life of many around the world. Not only adults but teenagers are also battling to overcome drug abuse. It can be difficult for a teen to talk about any physical, emotional, or mental issue, and therefore, they might turn to use drugs. If you find your teen kid or any teen you know struggling with drug abuse, you must start a conversation and help them recover by enrolling at a substance abuse rehab center that uses scientific methods and treatments for efficient recovery. This will help the teen find the right path for a bright and happy future. One of the recovery centers that can be of a huge help is the Clearfork Academy. Clearfork Fort Worth is amongst the prominent substance abuse rehab focused on helping adolescents overcome drug addiction.

Clearfork Academy is dedicated to helping teenage boys between the age of 13-18 years recover from drug addiction. The rehab center is passionate about helping teenage boys who are struggling with drug abuse. For them, it is not a job rather it is a calling to help teenage boys find their potential for a better and fulfilled life. The rehab center understands that addiction has powerful control over a person. Not only does the behavior need to be changed, but there also needs to be a change of heart. Therefore, the rehab center uses Christ’s teachings to bring in faith and belief in the hearts of teen boys so that they can have a life free of drugs. Clearfork Academy provides residential treatment for teens and intensive outpatient treatment for efficient addiction recovery. The rehab center follows the core values of H.U.S.T.L.E. and Fun which means Honor, Unity, Sacrifice, Transparency, Legacy, Excellence, and Fun. These core values are diligently followed by the rehab center during the treatment programs.

Clearfork Academy uses scientific and clinically proven methods combined with Christ’s teaching for addiction recovery treatment programs. The rehab center provides individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, art and music therapy, and adventure therapy. The rehab center has a strict code of rules for teens arriving for recovery programs. These rules along with therapy sessions and Christ’s teaching help the teenage boys find the right path to recovery. To apply for residential treatment teens or an intensive outpatient program, you need to contact them by filling the questionnaire or calling at 8173828463. Help your teen kid recover with Clearfork Academy!

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