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An authorized local electrician is a professional in electricity, of high and low voltage installations. He has an official accreditation that demonstrates the corresponding training in this field and who knows the current safety regulations to carry out this work.

The accredited master electrician can work independently or for an electricity or maintenance company, in this case, the company must also be authorized to perform this work.

When our licensed electrician can help you?

There are many electrical installation activities that our licensed electrical installer can perform. It can carry out any repair, maintenance, and even installation of electrical service, lighting, electricity, and heating.

We can act both in domestic installations (buildings, houses, offices…) and in professionals (factories, hospitals, power plants…).
If you want to carry out any preventive maintenance to avoid any breakdown, get in touch with our accredited electrician at CLF Services (

If the breakdown has already occurred (either in the installation or in an electrical appliance or electronic device) you can also contact us.

Why hire only authorized and licensed electricians?

This accreditation is the electrician card or the title of the authorized electrical installer, it is issued at the regional level by the different competent bodies.

The electrician license has a limited duration and requires periodic recycling, which guarantees the constant updating of the knowledge of new installations and changes in safety regulations of accredited electricians.

For any modification of the electrical installation, either with the opening of new light points, hide the distribution cables such as the installation of lamps or wall lights, you only have to go to an authorized electrical installer.

They have the necessary training to be able to carry out this work. If your installation is of high voltage, you must go to an authorized electrician who has the corresponding certification in high voltage installations.

At CLF Services, we care about your safety:

From CLF Services, we advise you that for any problem or modification in the electrical installation you hire an authorized electrical installer, since hiring an unauthorized electrician can pose a risk to your home.

A non-accredited electrician does not have the corresponding safety certification. In addition to not having sufficient guarantees and coverage for their work as it could be a fraud (excessive price in parts and labor) or cause major problems in the installation (poor quality of parts, inefficient repair…).

If you are searching on the internet about an electrician near me, do not hesitate to call us first as we are one of the experienced and licensed electrical companies.

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