Climate Angels: one of the best angel network India

Climate Angels are one of the best angel network India and our angel investors are individuals who usually provide capital for business start-ups, investing their funds. They fill the gap between the “family and relatives” phase when capital is offered and venture capital, utilized for subsequent rounds of financing. In exchange, they enquire for ownership equity or convertible debt. Our investors also sort out themselves into angel networks, to pool their investment capital. Angel investments are described as a tremendously high risk, as most ventures tend to fail during the first years of their survival. The high return on investment requested by angels is correlated to this risk posed by start-ups.

Who is Climate Angel’s angel funded?

Climate Angels are affluent individuals, usually retired executives or entrepreneurs, with a business background that brought them enough experience and expertise, both with successful and failed companies. Our company chooses to invest in other start-ups for a whole host of reasons, beyond unpolluted monetary return, such as guiding entrepreneurs with inventive ideas, offering management suggestions and contacts. The most common ways to meet angels include referrals from business contacts and other trusted sources, as well as contacting them from within the specialized software of business investor’s directories.

Almost everyone is familiar with the term, shares/stocks. However, there is an extensive process that takes place after the scenes by the stock is offered to the public to purchase. This article offers an insight of Climate Angels into the process of initial public offerings. An early public offering is bound to make big amounts of revenue for any corporation or company. But there is a certain process required before the IPO can be offered to the public. And the top management must understand this thoroughly before putting any plan into action.

A Climate Angel’s public offering can provide significant advantages to owners and managers of privately held companies. It can assist retain talent, lift investment capital, increase corporate exposure, complete acquisitions and maximize the company valuation. The advantages of our public offering are many. In addition to the economic gains, an organization that decides to go public will also add to its credibility and public awareness.

Since public companies are more carefully and closely monitored than private companies, many of our investors feel that they make for more stable investments.

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