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ClipCube (formerly Clipbox) Crack+ [Mac/Win] (April-2022)

ClipCube is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you enhance the functionality of your clipboard and store multiple text entries.

The advantages of being portable
This is a portable tool that can be deployed directly on the target computer without having to go through installation steps. It doesn’t store entries in your Windows registry, so you may run it without administrative privileges. Copying it on any USB flash drive or other devices is also possible.
User-friendly looks
The utility reveals a clean feature lineup that allows you to view all saved clipboard entries directly into the main panel.
It is able to automatically detect and save clipboard data so you do not need to perform any extra copying actions. You can also check out the total number of clipboard items and delete the selected one.
Editing options, links, notes, and tags
ClipCube automatically arranges the clipboard text items by date and gives you the possibility to edit each entry by manually altering the text directory from the primary window. Plus, you can zoom in or out of the text, and copy the selected entry to the clipboard.
Whenever you copy URLs to the clipboard, the utility automatically places them in a separate category, so-called ‘Links.’ What’s more, you may create notes and tag them, export data to HTML or plain text file format, clear the clipboard notes stored in the program, as well as empty the clipboard.
A few configuration settings
ClipCube lets you run the utility at Windows startup, automatically monitor the clipboard and clear clipboard notes upon exit, specify the maximum number of clipboard entries to store, keep the main window on top of other programs, edit a note by double-clicking on it, as well as enable or disable hotkeys.
Bottom line
All things considered, ClipCube provides a user-friendly environment and several smart features for helping you save and make use of multiple clipboard text items. On the downside, the tool is not able to store images.
ClipCube (formerly Clipbox) is a software application that you can use to easily enhance the functionality of the clipboard by combining multiple entries. For example, you can create a smart calendar, a diary, a work schedule, or an invoice in a few clicks. It has a friendly user interface that helps you view all saved entries and manage them by applying various options (tags, notes, and so on). ClipCube is a standalone application that doesn’t require any installation.
It is highly recommended

ClipCube (formerly Clipbox) Crack + Patch With Serial Key PC/Windows

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Over 10 million users trust Clipboard as their Windows clipboard manager and notepad.
More than a hundred thousand downloads a month!
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The single most popular free application on the Internet, Clipboard Monitor is a one-of-a-kind clipboard manager and notepad that doesn’t have a start menu icon or a browser page.
It stores all windows clipboard entries so you don’t have to. And it keeps them all hidden until you open the program. You can view, copy, and paste clipboard items in a tree view or list, and edit each one by marking it with tags.
Clipboard Monitor stores all items by date, allowing you to easily organize the information. It’s the perfect utility for quickly searching through windows clipboard contents. Or use it as a notepad to keep notes.
With Clipboard Monitor, you’ll never lose important or confidential information again. No more worry about lost text when installing or uninstalling applications. With Clipboard Monitor, you’ll always have a complete, organized copy of your Windows clipboard.
Since the program is designed as an enhancement to your Windows clipboard and not a replacement, it doesn’t interfere with other applications. In addition, it doesn’t store data in your Windows registry, so you don’t need to register or install it. Clipboard Monitor is completely safe and reliable.
Clipboard Monitor now includes a viewer that displays any URL you paste. You can now quickly scan web pages or other documents.
Clipboard Monitor is a unique, one-of-a-kind clipboard manager and notepad for Windows. Now you can use your Windows clipboard as it was meant to be used: without annoying start menu icons and browser pages.

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X
Operating System: Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP3
Microsoft.NET Framework: 4.0
CPU: Intel 2.8 GHz dual-core processor
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Disk: 15GB of free hard disk space
Sound Card: Sound card with a minimum of 2 channel support
Additional Notes: Not all of the following features are supported:

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